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Posted: 5/22/2001 10:20:09 AM EDT
By NICOLE LAMPERT Deputy Bizarre Editor BLOCKBUSTER war movie Pearl Harbor is to be cut for Japanese audiences - to keep the old enemy happy. The German version of the most expensive film ever is also being trimmed. Producers are ditching a closing speech by Brit Kate Beckinsale, 27, telling how the US bounced back from the cowardly Japanese raid on the American fleet at Pearl Harbor to win the war. The decision came after Disney chiefs canvassed people worldwide to see if anyone would be offended. A source said: "We've tried very hard not to portray the Japanese in a very bad light. "They are a huge market and accounted for 20 per cent of profits for Titanic. "The film barely refers to the Germans but we have cut the speech for them, too. "It won't make a big difference, most people know who won the war." The ending is not the only change for Japan and Germany. Trailers will focus on romance rather than the amazing battle scenes. But the conciliatory gesture may not convince the old foes. The source added: "Many Japanese fear the film will be seen as a historical document with them as the baddies.
Link Posted: 5/22/2001 10:28:51 AM EDT
I'm so surprised. [:o]
Link Posted: 5/22/2001 10:47:53 AM EDT
So now class open your books to History according to Disney.... and the new politically correct interpretation of Pearl Harbor. The Japanese and Germans did nothing wrong in WWII and are not to be blamed for the actions of their leaders after all they were just following orders. Why do you guys post topics like this just after lunch?? I can hardly stand the attitude of PC thinking anyway and I'd like to keep my lunch I enjoyed it. Boomin
Link Posted: 5/22/2001 11:01:46 AM EDT
Forgive me for being uninformed, but are you guys saying this is a Disney movie? The same Disney that owns ABC and hires Baldwin the a-hole? Now I KNOW I won't see it.
Link Posted: 5/22/2001 11:10:41 AM EDT
Originally Posted By Crookshanks: The source added: "Many Japanese fear the film will be seen as a historical document with them as the baddies.
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Gee, Imagine that! I guess if they were worried about their future image they shouldn't have KILLED a bunch of our guys with no declaration of war. freakin hollywood libs, scared of everything. what are the japanese going to do to us now if we offend them? stop selling us pokeman crap?
Link Posted: 5/22/2001 11:34:03 AM EDT
Yeah, I remember reading about this big controversy a few days ago. Just so I'm clear on the issue, let me get this straight: Movies like "Saving Private Ryan", made in the day of Political Correctness, depict Americans vs. Germans...Americans win, Germans lose, and this movie was still a HUGE success IN GERMANY!Hell, movies like this have been made for decades, and the propoganda of American patriotism vs. European/Asian evil is older by five-fold. But "Pearl Harbor" is somehow offensive?? Perish the damn thought! We have Japanese Asians as American citizens, so this movie might offend their people, heritage, families, etc. Last time I checked, I'm 1/4 German. Yet Private Ryan doesn't offend me in the least. If you're an American citizen, your creed should not matter. If Pearl Harbor offends you in some manner, you should only blame yourself for going to see the movie. You're Asian? Too bad, to me you're just another American citizen. I thought the entire point of the 21st century was to bring "tree-hugging, easy-going, racial equality" and other egalitarian thought patterns into the US. But far be it for Hollywood to depict a historically-correct act of agression by the now-pacifist Japanese, because some of our Asian-Americans might not be able to stomach it. As the editor of this report stated, the Japanese is exactly as she said - an "old enemy". When I watch an American Revolution film, should I worry if it will offend British people, who haven't been enemies in nearly 200 years? I suppose now, I have to. G.D. U.S., F.U. Jewbroni~
Link Posted: 5/22/2001 11:44:00 AM EDT
It is all money. That is why our country is not the light on the hill anymore. MONEY is the bottom line. Everything bows down to it and all people worship it. Americans are not worried about their freedom just their wallets.
Link Posted: 5/22/2001 1:07:27 PM EDT
Originally Posted By mattja: Forgive me for being uninformed, but are you guys saying this is a Disney movie? The same Disney that owns ABC and hires Baldwin the a-hole? Now I KNOW I won't see it.
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Humm Same Disney that has "Gay Day"....
Link Posted: 5/22/2001 1:10:26 PM EDT
Same Disney that has a park in Tokyo?
Link Posted: 5/22/2001 1:39:25 PM EDT
I think i can see a bit of a difference with SPR. I don't recall any particularly harsh statements against the Germans. We were on one side; they were on the other; and we were shooting at each other. No real anti-German statements (i.e. Those damn Krauts!), just anti-enemy stuff (Those bastards!).
Link Posted: 5/22/2001 2:23:41 PM EDT
shit, tell it like it is! [v]
Link Posted: 5/22/2001 2:31:04 PM EDT
To bad the media and hollywood can't tell the truth about our history. It's a shame
Link Posted: 5/22/2001 2:40:19 PM EDT
I can guarantee the word "jap" will be thrown around loosely after the movie premieres. It is an acceptable term because those slant eyes are easier to pick out of a crowd of round eyes. What I find interesting is when the ADL or Simon Weisenthal Center comes out against something they get everyone's sympathy, yet when an Asian group does the same thing (a very rare occurance) it is considered being PC.
Link Posted: 5/22/2001 4:05:31 PM EDT
[size=4][b]Hey, What Part of Europe are You From? The Part Whose Ass We Saved? Or the Part Whose Ass We Kicked?[/b][/size=4] With all due apologies to Tuuka and Finland. We know THEY kicked Uncle Joe Stalin's ass all by themselves. (I saw 'The Winter War' too!). I'm of German descent, my great grandparents on my maternal side got off the boat right before WWI. Nevertheless, while I do not want that the German people should be indelibly stained for their conduct in WWII, I don't want them to forget it either! And as for Japan, well, we'd better not go there! My father was with some of the first GIs to reach the Bataan Death Camps in Luzon. He told me that you could carry TWO American prisoners to the Red Cross trucks by yourself if they were alive, THREE if they weren't! What was it Adm. 'Bull' Halsey said when he steamed into Pearl Harbor late in the day of December 7, 1941? Looking over the devestation from the ship's bridge, he turned to the officers present and said: 'Gentlemen, when this war is over, Japanese will be a language spoken only in Hell.' And as for their sensibilities, F'em. I have to watch movies about the South losing the War to this very day![BD] Eric The Hun[>]:)]
Link Posted: 5/22/2001 5:17:09 PM EDT
Well lemme tell ya. As I type this I'm sitting less than 100 yards from the starboard side of the USS Stennis where the "premier" was held. What a F--king fiasco. Only the likes of "I'm gonna leave the US" Baldwin, sissy ass Afleck and the rest of them crumbs were invited, not to mention all the VIP's. Hell they shut down a full 1/3 of the base here at Pearl and only "Disney" and "VIP's" can roll thru that area. The crew of the Stennis had to help set things up, but were told to "stay below decks" during the festivities. Sure, they get to see it tonite but what a bunch of crap! If used to take me 3 minutes to go from the gate to my workplace. Now, I get routed all the way around faggot Disney to the tune of 15 minutes and then there aint no parking cause of all of the crap that's going on. As for the Japanese, well, my wife is Japanese and she thinks the whole thing is BS. She said "let the Japanese see it, every bit of it and it they don't like it, too bad"! Guys, let me tell you something. My wife, as well as all the young Japanese tourists literally cry when they visit the Arizona Memorial and they were not even born when it happened. I have had them come up to me and apologize for what was done even though they were not even part of it! The Japanese people are a very kind and honest people. I know, I lived in Japan for 14 years and have been married to one (who, I might add, became a U.S. citizen in '76) for 30 years. She is a gun toting lady who loves America with every bit of her heart and soul. Yes what their forbearers did was wrong but would we be so quick to condemn if Germany had done the same thing? Heck, I could hate every friggin Vietnamese after what I went thru during Nam but I don't. I agree, as my wife sez, to let them see and hear everything. She is sick and tired of all these lies and deceptions and feel a good dose of reality is exactly what the Japanese people need. They sure aint gonna get it from their government aboout the war. Just my 2 cents. One more thing, Disney has slapped the face of every man and woman who ever wore the uniform on the US Armed forces by pulling the stunt they did with this premier. Anyway, word on the street has it that the movie kinda sucks anyway. Aloha and here's my salute to Disney: [-!-!-]
Link Posted: 5/22/2001 5:19:47 PM EDT
Oh Yea forgot to give a good ole salute to Sen Jeffords (D)Vermont, that slimey fag...... [-!-!-]
Link Posted: 5/22/2001 5:43:10 PM EDT
Never mind the Holocaust and the Rape of Nanking. We sure wouldn't want to offend THOSE bastards. Considering the atrocities that both countries committed, they got off too easily IMHO.
Link Posted: 5/22/2001 7:34:24 PM EDT
Alec Baldwin is the real atrocity ! [BD]
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