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Posted: 2/6/2002 8:32:00 AM EDT
After reading several posts from members, in different forums I noticed they were from my home state of New Jersey(sometimes does not feel much like a state)and were in discussions concerning pre-ban weapons(buying, upgrading, etc.) New Jersey does not allow ANY pre-ban weapons, period. Members from NJ and the open discussion about these weapons, starts a trail that BATF, FBI and State Police can follow. My suggestion would be to create a link page with the most current state laws, so members can be update. A strong organization is one that keeps its members informed. Secondly, may be a separate disclosure qualifying members knowledge of their state laws would be a way to cover your own ass. There is mention of banning illegal weapons discussions on this site, and pre-ban are illegal in NJ. I do not want to see AR15.COM caught up in anything it does not have to. PatrickS PS. We now have a democrat as a governor(just as bad as our last Dem.Gov. "the commie" Florio) and one of his agendas and to tighten our guns laws even further. Please do not give him the ammunition to do so.....
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