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Posted: 6/18/2002 7:56:08 AM EDT
Disclaimer: Take this as a cautionary tale. I don't know the people that might, or might not have been involved in this fictious account. There was once this lady who is an NRA pistol instructor, and who holds a CCW for her home state, so is not a novice around handguns. This this woman also had to travel for business outside her home state. On one particluar occasion she had to travel to one of the States (think "Garden" or "raw sewage") that forbids the means of self defense. This states laws and her company policy not withstanding, this lady elected to carry her SP101 on her travels. Well, all goes well and she checks in to her hotel, but subsequently determines she is not comfortable there. Depite the Nationally known name, the hotel was kind of dirty, the restaraunt is closed for renovation and the room was unsuitable. It was a near ground level unit and she could be observed from the parking lot. When she notices some fellows watching her room, she gets freaked out so bad, she decides to check out and go to another motel. Here is where the trouble starts. After getting settled into a nicer hotel across town, she suddenly gets that feeling in the pit of her stomach.................................... "WHERE IS THE GUN"? "Holy Crap, She's left it in the other room, in the crappy hotel, in the crime ridden city, in the state that would crucify you for having a means of self defense. What to do??? What to Do??? Call husband, so he can freak out too. Husband says, GO, GO, GO GET IT BACK -- NOW!!!! If you get busted, tell them you have a permit for your home state, you carry all the time and you forgot. If you need bail, I'll come get you but Go, Go, Go -- RIGHT NOW!!! Husband then smokes 3 cigarettes in one draw each and nearly passes out. Wife drives back to crappy hotel, room is vacant and she successfully recovers lost merchandise. It turned out ok this time, but none of the particpants need any help envisioning exactly how bad this could have gone. You can bet it's a mistake that will not be repeated. Again for the net nanny, alphabet agencies that no doubt monitor this board, the events described above NEVER HAPPENED. If you carry, Be careful out there guys, a minutes thoughlessness in a slightly stressful situation can have consequences too ugly to contemplate. Check twice, then check again.
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Link Posted: 6/18/2002 8:10:40 AM EDT
Yup, as ilikelegs says, it can happen. Somebody might admonish another to be more careful with the weapon for which you are responsible. But, you don't need to hear that. My wife works front desk in a hotel, and one time a guest left a revolver under the pillow after he checked out. Maid found it, turned it in to the manager, who called the sheriff, who came and took it. Fortunately, A) The fellow was a cop from another state on vacation ; and, B)THis is FL, where you can indeed have self-protection in your room. The Sheriff's Dep't checked out the weapon to be sure it wasn't stolen and gave it back. (Y'all be more careful, now!) I'd guess the embarassment was enough. Moral of story: DOWN WITH THE COMMIE STATES like the Garbage State described in the original post. You have to fear the criminals and the other criminals, I mean government. Maybe they love each other so much they work together. Hey, I used to live there, so I can say it.
Link Posted: 6/18/2002 8:12:55 AM EDT
Actually was on the receiving end of this when I was a kid. Found a .38 on top of the TV armoire. Gave it to my dad and he took it to the front desk where they just about shit on themselves. It looked like that LE dude that stayed there would be soon working the late night shift for some time. Either that or some idiot that shouldn't be packing anyway.
Link Posted: 6/18/2002 8:13:12 AM EDT
When we lived in Texas I had a carry permit. They one thing that was irritating to me was that I [b]always[/b] had to know where my pistol was, and its condition. Seeing that you only need it for the 1 time out of 10,000, keeping track of it for the other 9,999 times can be very tiring at times. Mistakes can be fatal. Or, as in this case, potentially hazardous to your person/pocket book.
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Link Posted: 6/18/2002 3:10:01 PM EDT
Didn't Robert Blake leave his gun in the can a resaurant? Oh, wait.... Nevermind... Just kidding ya....
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