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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/21/2003 11:52:42 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/21/2003 11:55:29 AM EST by Chapman]
He served with the 87th Acorn division, under Patton. He saw battle in the Battle of the Bulge, where he earned a Silver Star, and the Rhineland (sp?). After WWII, he joined the National Guard, and eventually retired as a Major. He had a stroke six years ago, and has been physically disabled ever since. He has been in the Veterans home for almost 4 years. This past year, he has simply been existing, not living. His booming voice reduced to a forced whisper. The once 6'1 230lb man, now reduced to 85 pounds. It seems we humans are so selfish. I cried and cried this morning, but could not figure out why. I know he is in a better place, and it seems I should be happy for him, but I didn't want to let go. I believe God holds a special place in Heaven for freedom fighters. Clarence Chapman, my father, died this morning at the age of 80. Edited to add: Funeral will be Friday at Jefferson Barracks with military honors.
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 11:56:34 AM EST
My condolences....
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 11:58:57 AM EST
Damn. [V] That's some heavy shit, man. May your father rest in peace. I pray you'll be able to stay strong through these tough times.....
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 11:59:35 AM EST
I am very truley sorry for your loss. He sounds like a great man.
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 12:00:03 PM EST
[usa] RIP Major Chapman, May your spirit carry on. Condolences and prayers for your family.
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 12:05:03 PM EST
I too lost my warrior father althougbh it was many years ago. Despite his proven ferociousness in combat, he was a loving man who left me gifts that I am still discovering. May the memories of your father's undying love bring you peace throughout the coming time that will be spent without his physicial presence. Know that he is still with you, still loving you as he always did. And may your brave father find another brave father to tell tales with and brag about the sons that they left behind.
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 12:07:05 PM EST
I know he must be a great loss but one who lost his father when I was 17 and my father was 49, know both him and you were blessed to have him for all of these years. God Bless Him and your family
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 12:19:05 PM EST
Demons now tremble in fear cause another one of God's soldiers has appeared. Our loss but his gain. My prayers go forth, sir.
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 12:28:30 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/21/2003 12:36:49 PM EST by liberty86]
My condolances.....and my thanks to Major Chapman for his service... Chapman, ya know where he, (and you), is going, but you're gonna miss him. That's worth a few tears. It's even worth a few, 30 years later, believe me.....
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 12:50:37 PM EST
My deepest condolences go out to your and your family on your loss.
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 12:54:40 PM EST
My condolences to you and Your's Rest in Peace Maj. Chapman
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 1:02:54 PM EST
Condolences to you & yours. Be Very Proud... [usa] Carry On !
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 1:13:31 PM EST
My condolences on your loss. Be happy that your father is now in a better place, and is not enduring a life of just existence. Years age, my father also had a stroke which affected his mind, but he "lived" on for years. It was harder for me to see him regularly in that condition than to bear his death. My father was not a veteran, but was a great man (he was too young for WW1 and too old for WW2).
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 1:35:17 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 1:43:38 PM EST
I appreciate your condolences. They mean a lot to me. It has just been a very depressing day. I need to go to the range.
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 1:52:36 PM EST
And when he gets to heaven Saint Peter he will tell Another soldier reporting sir I've served my time in hell
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 1:56:55 PM EST
I'm sorry to hear it. Another good soldier and a good man gone. If it's any consolation at all, try to think about the 80 good years he had, and the years you had together - All the best - MournSword
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 2:01:29 PM EST
I'm very sorry for your loss. I can't imagine losing my father. We are all here for you if you need us. Stay strong and God bless you and your family.
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 2:25:52 PM EST
You have my sincere condolences. My dad, who also served in WW2, died at 80 years old three weeks ago so I know how you feel.
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 2:41:58 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 2:50:01 PM EST
I am sorry for your loss. May he rest in peace. ARH
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 3:12:33 PM EST
My deepest sympathies to you and your family, Chapman. Another one of the "nameless" veterans who I have thanked God for giving to this great nation for many years, has indeed answered God's Reveille. Rest in Peace Major Chapman. [usa]
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 3:51:53 PM EST
May the Lord grant Maj. Chapman peace.... Dram out
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 4:02:41 PM EST
[Last Edit: 5/21/2003 4:12:42 PM EST by Am-O-Tramp]
Chapman, my condolences to you and your family and may your brave soldier father rest in peace. [img]http://www.imagestation.com/picture/sraid63/p29b0d573313342df210431954d660746/fc1a2f8a.gif[/img]
Link Posted: 5/21/2003 4:14:26 PM EST
Link Posted: 5/22/2003 3:12:57 AM EST
I feel for your loss. He sounds like he was an exceptional man. Charlie Mike Chapman, we got your six.
Link Posted: 5/22/2003 3:26:42 AM EST
I'm very sorry.
Link Posted: 5/22/2003 3:31:21 AM EST
Requiem Under the wide and starry sky Dig the grave and let me lie. Glad did I live and gladly die, And I laid me down with a will. This be the verse you grave for me; "Here he lies where he longed to be, Home is the sailor, home from sea, And the hunter home from the hill." -- Robert L. Stevenson
Link Posted: 5/22/2003 3:47:20 AM EST
Sorry to hear of your loss. I cared for my father in my home as he died of leukemia. Fortunately, his demise was a relatively rapid one, but the sense of loss is no different. I am not a religious person, but I do believe the spirit endures and that your dad is still with you.
Link Posted: 5/22/2003 6:22:16 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/22/2003 6:22:55 AM EST by AimSmall]
[usa] Worthy 1000 post. May God give him peace with Him forever.
Link Posted: 5/22/2003 7:17:35 AM EST
May the joy in your happy memories lessen the pain of your loss.
Link Posted: 5/22/2003 7:26:56 AM EST
My condolences I know the feeling Chuck
Link Posted: 5/22/2003 7:30:38 AM EST
My sincere condolences.
Link Posted: 5/22/2003 8:02:12 AM EST
A good and worthy life ended too soon, even at 80. Treasure your memories, and always live to make your father proud. He now watches over us all. My sincere condolences to you and yours. Hessian-1
Link Posted: 5/22/2003 8:04:17 AM EST
Another of America's best gone away... Chapman, you and yours have my most heartfelt condolences. Rest assured, though; your father, and all those who answered the call when the world needed them, have indeed achieved immortality in our hearts. [USA]
Link Posted: 5/22/2003 8:09:32 AM EST
Chapman, my condolences to you and your family during this trying time. [USA]
Link Posted: 5/22/2003 11:19:49 AM EST
God Bless him!! [usa]
Link Posted: 5/22/2003 5:56:32 PM EST
Thank you all for your kindness and prayers. They are appreciated. Thank you...
Link Posted: 5/23/2003 6:00:52 AM EST
Link Posted: 5/24/2003 8:43:12 PM EST
I appreciate your condolences. He is at peace with God now.
Link Posted: 5/24/2003 8:49:28 PM EST
My Condolences. [usa] Major Chapman
Link Posted: 5/24/2003 9:08:48 PM EST
Lord, Bless this man's soul and bestow your gifts upon him. I appreciate your father's service and mourn your loss. -REAPER2502
Link Posted: 5/24/2003 11:43:44 PM EST
[b]The Words To Taps[/b] Day is done Gone the sun From the lakes From the hills From the sky. All is well, Safely rest. God is nigh. Fading light Dims the sight And a star Gems the sky, Gleaming bright From afar, Drawing nigh, Falls the night. Thanks and praise, For our days, Neath the sun, Neath the stars, As we go, This we know, God is nigh. Rest in Peace Major Chapman...
Link Posted: 5/24/2003 11:48:59 PM EST
Another warrior called home. Sorry for you and your family's loss Chapman.
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