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Posted: 1/21/2002 9:40:23 AM EDT
I recently ordered a screwdriver set from Galati International. It came with a nice little American Flag, about 11" by 17", free of charge. On the edge of the flag was a sticker that read-- you guessed it --"Made In China". There ought to be a frickin' law.
Link Posted: 1/21/2002 9:43:52 AM EDT
What kills me is all the knick knacks with American symbols (e.g. bald eagle statuettes, Statue of liberty replicas, flag plaques, etc etc etc) is mostly all made in China. Talk about a paradox. I GOTTA wonder what the slave laborers in China are thinking making these symbols of American freedom, while working for a Commie regime at what I imagine are basically starvation wages.
Link Posted: 1/21/2002 9:47:16 AM EDT
Yeah,you just have to love America's "new" patriotism. Then again when over half the kids at church for kids' night don't know the pledge to the flag, because it's insensitive to say at school, nothing should be a suprise.
Link Posted: 1/21/2002 10:18:10 AM EDT
What sickens me are the "mushroom patriots" that stuff those little flags on their car, then drive til the flags are fuzzy little shreds..I've seen quite a few on the sides of the road too. I don't care if it's made in china,it's STILL desecration.. And what's with making your ride look like you may be ferrying the President about? is'int ONE flag enough? As to other "made in China" issues.. I look at it this way.. If things get really nasty, do you think China would go to war with their best customers? (No, I try and avoid a lot of their products, for sheer quality issues..) Meplat-
Link Posted: 1/21/2002 10:35:57 AM EDT
What took the cake in my book is the Dolphins I was awarded for qualifying on submarines in 1986 or so was made in Japan! I should carry them with me to show skeptics. There should be a law against that - I wonder where Joe Foss's MOH was made? Was it in Japan, too?
Link Posted: 1/21/2002 10:52:55 AM EDT
UNBELIEVABLE!..... Wait until you guys hear this.....I ordered my new computer system from DELL and guess what!...Everything is MADE IN CHINA!!!!!!. My computer is shipped from Austin TX alright, but everything, keyboard, Mouse, and my Harman Kardon sound system are made in China......Only one thing that is not Made in China is my Flat Screen Monitor.....It is MADE IN MEXICO!! Damn O Damn! And Americans are loosing jobs.....What the hell?
Link Posted: 1/21/2002 11:07:54 AM EDT
A guy brought a bunch of "Proud to be American" hats and the like into my store for me to sell. I took a hat out to look at and looked at the tag, made in China. Sent him packing. 1930 The "differential analyzer", or analog computer, is invented by Vannevar Bush at MIT in Boston. General Electric launches the electric kettle with automatic cut-out. First football World Cup, won by host Uruguay.
Link Posted: 1/21/2002 11:10:33 AM EDT
Link Posted: 1/21/2002 11:39:09 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/21/2002 12:23:15 PM EDT by KBaker]
I just read an article in a trade magazine I get that was a "Readers Digest" version of a media analysis of the impact of Normalized Trade Relations with China. Not surprisingly, the primary impact has been the movement of manufacturing offshore. One plant, unionized, had a starting pay level of just over $8.00/hr. with a max of about $20. When the plant owner (a multinational) announced that it was planning to relocate, the Union negotiated to try to keep the plant in the U.S. They offered concessions up to and including an equivalent $1/hr across-the-board pay reduction. The plant moved. The plant owner explained that, with benefits, the average Chinese worker makes the equivalent of $60 to $80 [i]per month[/i], between 50 to 80 times less that the equivalent American worker. If you'd like to maintain the standard of living you currently enjoy, stop buying products "Made in China", and let the manufacturers know you are and why. We're the wealthiest nation in the world, but we're shipping money out by the containerload. Economics is not a zero-sum game, but what we're seeing is an increase in the standard of living of the rest of the world at a rate that will [i]require[/i] a reduction in our own. And an ever-widening gap between our "haves" and "have-nots".
Link Posted: 1/21/2002 12:43:12 PM EDT
It is disconcerting to see much of America's manufacturing leaving. I fail to get honest bids when competing against Mexican and Asian agents. The quality of Japanese parts are woeful. There are a number of machine shops around here that make a living reworking machined parts from Japan. Some large companies think they save money by getting parts cheaply. You know what you get when someone underbids you by a large margin...you get what you pay for. I attended a lecture years ago about what is and what appears. He called this the cut flower theory. He used the example of a flower. If the flower is dislocated from its roots we may not see the severity. It still has the bloom and fragrance. However, it only appears to be alive and healthy. Since it has no real foundation to sustain life it soon dies. Americans enjoy the fruits of this republic. But I have to wonder if we are still connected. Excuse me if I insulted any buyers or importers. You are often forced to buy crap because of budgets. You also know the rejects you get and have to explain.
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