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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 11/28/2003 8:02:46 AM EST
Link Posted: 11/28/2003 8:18:52 AM EST
why am I not surprised the sender is in California.
Link Posted: 11/28/2003 8:19:57 AM EST
i dont know what i would do if somebody threatend my family with this kind of e-mail. maybe a good ass beating would be in order.
Link Posted: 11/28/2003 8:20:57 AM EST
Truth of the matter is: [i]LIBERALS[/i] - Guns should be banned because someone will gun down countless innocent children!!! RKBA - Who would do such a thing? [i]LIBERALS[/i] - Why, us of course! - LS
Link Posted: 11/28/2003 8:25:55 AM EST
I just sent the guy an e-mail
You sir are a very sick person. You really should seek of professional help. Do it soon, before you do something stupid and land yourself in jail. Why would you wish such harm or a person and his family, right after you say how dangerous firearms are. This makes as mush sense as people who kill abortion doctors, in the name of saving lives. Go get some help, your family will that you later.
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Link Posted: 11/28/2003 8:27:14 AM EST
Wonder what Mr. Bellamy would think if he got about 500 elloquent, respectful and to the point letters from the arfcom army? _______________________________________________ Legalize freedom!
Link Posted: 11/28/2003 8:31:42 AM EST
i'll send him one. but i'm waiting until i calm down and can write professionaly. if i wrote one now, it would be like this..... dear sir. i'm commin for you.... - triumph955i
Link Posted: 11/28/2003 8:37:46 AM EST
nally Posted By longshot_va: Truth of the matter is: jeeze....what a nut job. -HS
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