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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/1/2002 2:26:53 PM EST
It is just exactly that, it's like the hypothetical game my buddies and I used to play where we'd ask eachother what it would take(money wise) to do something really disgusting. Funny thing about MTV is they run around to the spring break places or vacation spots while college kids are hangin out and they get these people to do idiotic things for relatively low amounts of money. During spring break they got 2 people to get into a hotsauce "shots contest" where they eventually were doing habenyero shots(hottest pepper on the planet) until one person puked. More sad, is that they start out asking the people if they will do the stupid stunts for say 15 bucks and typically with everyone being 1/2 drunk it becomes a contest to see who will end up getting on TV, inorder to be the person who gets the honor of doing the stunt it essentially works as a reverse auction where people step forward saying they will do the stunt for less than the previous person. Enter today's episode, some fool sitting on the beach being dared to eat an industrial sized tub of mayonaise. He was given 15 minutes to do it and if he pukes he doesn't get the money, surprisingly nobody stepped forward to underbid him so for 100 dollars he starts chompin down on mayo. 1/2 way through he ralphs up the mayo into a bowl, ofcourse the camera is there to catch it. Oh yeah, this is quality TV that shouldn't be missed :) Knowing the social outcasts that hang out here on the forums I figure atleast a couple people out there like this show to watch these idiots. What's yer favorite "bet you will" stunt? Mine was a certain idiot during the spring break episode who let MTV blindfold him and have him tattoo'd without his knowing what they were putting on his ankle. For something like 250 dollars this guy, on his ankle, now has an arrow pointing to his groin with the saying, "size doesn't matter"
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