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Posted: 1/19/2002 5:34:11 PM EDT
Does anyone happen to know anything about this new "regulation" that the Taliban-wannabe politicians are foisting upon us in this state now? The only info I've found about this was at http://www.fsguns.com/thelist.html. Anyone know yet what firearms are on "The List"? Does this mean that you won't be able to buy C&R handguns in this state at all? Yes, I know I should just move to another state and I will as soon as I can find a job (IT Professional or LEO) in another state (particularly NH), but until that happens I'm stuck with this state and it's stupid regulations.
Link Posted: 1/19/2002 7:30:05 PM EDT
one word, MOVE! I'm never looking back.... unless you like liberal POS running the place into the ground
Link Posted: 1/21/2002 1:37:26 PM EDT
Have you joined GOAL? [url]http://www.goal.org/[/url] The Official State Firearms Association of Massachusetts mark
Link Posted: 1/21/2002 1:48:07 PM EDT
Yup. Already joined GOAL and the NRA. But GOAL's website doesn't have anything on it at all about "the list". In fact it looks like the state organization that is sponsoring this nonsense has that part of their website down while they "update" the information, http://www.state.ma.us/eops/gun_act.htm
Link Posted: 1/21/2002 5:42:02 PM EDT
Is this the "approved" handgun list? It's been around for a while. Talk to Carl or one of the other people at Four Seasons and see if they can find you your gun with a serial number that was made before this reg took effect...I think you can still import those to MA. I have a "pre-reg" Glock 30 and Glock 17. I'll sell them to you for $1200 each. :) Oh, and get out of there like me. Plenty of room here in VA.
Link Posted: 1/21/2002 6:22:14 PM EDT
dbrowne1, Actually this is a different law. This new one now limits the "MA pre-ban" handguns to one's that have met the "drop-test" requirement as well as some other testing requirements... So, whereas before this you could still bring any pre-10/98 handguns into the state, now you can't bring them in unless they're part of this new "list". So, no more C&R handguns, no more pre-10/98 1911s or H&Ks. If you want an H&K or 1911, you'll have to prove it was already in the state prior to 10/98.
Link Posted: 1/29/2002 4:12:41 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 1/29/2002 4:15:23 PM EDT by copterdoctor]
There are two different "Lists" in MA. One is a result of the Civil Rights Reduction Act of 1998 (Chapter 180). The other is Attorney General's "Consumer Protection" regulation list. The list from the 1998 legislation is, to my knowledge, still not published. The problem is if a firearm is not on this "recommended" list it cannot be brought into this state. The AG's "consumer protection" regs are a huge pile of firearm prohibitionist BS. You can check that out at [url]http://www.goal.org/FRAUD.htm[/url]
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