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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/17/2001 6:46:09 PM EST
Just read an article is SWAT Magazine on the M96 Expeditionary Rifle. Sounds good in theory, but the question I have is if it is as good as it sounds? They supposedly taken the best features from a bunch of different rifles and combined them to make the M96. It has a very interesting action - uses expanding gases from the cartridge to move a piston that's connected to the action - thus permitting the action to work without getting all the carbon dumped into it. Also has an adjustable gas port.
Link Posted: 9/17/2001 6:51:07 PM EST
I own one and love it. Its something different from the rest. If you have specific ?'s feel free to email me.
Link Posted: 9/17/2001 6:51:12 PM EST
Gee - Sounds just like a Daewoo. The Koreans figured this one out a long time ago. The Daewoo is the most reliable .223 rifle I have seen.
Link Posted: 9/17/2001 6:55:45 PM EST
I posted a review when I first received mine. I was able to find it..."I just received my new Robinson Armamant M96 today. Let me say from the beginning, I like it alot. It also helps that I got a screaming deal on it too:-) First, the overall construction was excellent. The welds looked great and the finish was evenly applied on the gun. The fit was very snug, but from what I understand, it will loosen up to the point of being able to push the pins out by finger/bullet tip. With open sights, I was able to group about 1.5 moa. At 100 meters, my best 5 shot group was .75" and worst was 2.5". Overall, it would just make a large hole about 3" where 30 rounds would just fly through. I haven't put a scope on it yet, but will likely do so in the future. Has anyone scoped theirs and what was your group? I fed the M96 three types of ammo, without a problem. My home loads, Winchester, and IMI surplus. I was very happy with the results of my new rifle. I know some feel it is cost prohibitive and compare it to a pre-ban AR-15. They do run around the same amount, but they are totally different guns. I really feel you get what you pay for on this rifle. There were a couple of weak points. The butt stock does "feel" a little weak. I'm sure it will hold up for more than my life time, but the plastic wasn't anywhere as thick as the AR's. The rear sight would be nice in a A2 configuration. Not a huge concern, but it will take some getting used to. Also, the barrel isn't chrome lined. To some this is a neg., but not too big of a deal for me. If I wear it out, then I'll get another... I striped and cleaned the rifle before shooting. It was very familiar, yet very different from the AR's. It seemed like there was a blend of many rifles. 1. FAL- lower receiver, controls, charging handle, and adj. gas system. 2. HK- Upper receiver was stamped and welded, used similar push pins. 3. AK- gas piston was attached to bolt carrier. 4. AR- similar bolt, similar trigger group, and AR-15 mags. 5. Styer AUG- removable barrel. Like I said, these are my first impressions. Overall I am very satisfied with this product. It seems to offer many good and proven designs incorporated into one product. I would like to hear other's experiences with this rifle. fuatos I will happily store this in the safe with my beloved AR-15's. I think they can all get along!!!" ***Many seem to love it and many seem to dislike it. Make up your own mind. My experience has shown it to be an excellent rifle.
Link Posted: 9/18/2001 4:46:07 AM EST
Go to the M96 web site. They have a very good long (9.7Mb) movie that says it all. Looks like a very good rifle. Not sure I want to pay that much dough for it though. Think I'll get an M4 instead. Aim small...miss small. [sniper]
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