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Posted: 9/7/2001 12:04:13 PM EDT
Botched SWAT raid results in friendly fire death and an attempt to frame an innocent man for murder. Parts 1&2 can be read here: [url]www.sanantoniolightning.com/lubx.html[/url] Part Two-"The Second Cover-up" Lubbock city government is in disarray and denial. The paranoia at City Hall runs heavy and deep these days. Not just at the L.P.D., but in virtually every department. Faced with what could be a staggering toll from coming litigation, which some officials worry could cripple Lubbock's government, there is much uncertainty in civic circles. Insurance covers the city for up to $10 million per year under its current liability agreement. Even this information was kept secret until obtained and reported by The Avalanche-Journal. But beyond those concerns, there is also an undercurrent of fear that officials may have crossed the line into criminal territory. It is whispered that a grand jury might find more than police and city council would desire. Any grand jury probe has been put on indefinite hold, though normally, as a matter of standard procedure in a police shooting, such scrutiny would be automatic. Though it has now been almost two months since the day in question, police say they have not finished their investigation, and, in fact, maintain that they are awaiting an F.B.I. report. But, as the Lightning reported almost 45 days ago, The F.B.I.'s Lori Bailey of the Dallas office says that the tests have been concluded, and results have already been relayed to the Lubbock police. She would not comment on what those tests showed. Insiders tell the Lightning that the City is stalling, and claim the police investigation is actually being improperly orchestrated by City Attorney Anita Burgess and others in her office. Sources say that the full facts of the case are already known, and have been for many weeks. Behind the scenes negotiated settlements with the Robinson family, the Cox family, and disgraced and possibly defamed Police chief Walker are being feverishly pursued. A key point in all those negotiations is that any settlements will include agreements not to discuss details, including the truths about what transpired during that bloody afternoon. What are those truths? Simply that the bloody encounter was a tragedy waiting to happen. The actions that followed were an attempt to obscure the facts. And when that failed, a stone wall was erected to protect the city. But that wall is slowly crumbling. Part Three Monday-"The Domino Theory"
Link Posted: 9/7/2001 12:11:43 PM EDT
What exactly happened in the first place? Blue on Blue frag?
Link Posted: 9/7/2001 12:14:49 PM EDT
Go to the link and read part 1.
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