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Posted: 5/7/2004 7:54:40 AM EST
Any of you guys have any input on compact tow-behind campers / trailers? Is something like this available in the US? It seems that they are rather prevalent in Australia and New Zealand. Below are some links that show what I am interested in. I am looking for something that can be towed behind a vehicle with a 1500 lb. towing capacity.

Link Posted: 5/7/2004 8:25:04 AM EST
Here is a link to Fleetwood trailers which has a good selection and until last year were marketed under the Coleman name which is a big camping manufacturer here in the states.

The smaller ones are what you are looking for. I have camped in one and they are great.

Cost new between $4000 and $12000 depending on size and options. Alot of folks look for someone wanting to unload a used one that has been sitting around in the garage after being used only a few times.

Link Posted: 5/7/2004 8:27:25 AM EST
Link Posted: 5/7/2004 8:35:36 AM EST
[Last Edit: 5/7/2004 8:37:23 AM EST by DsrtEgl50]
I think my family has one of these. I'll look when I head down to the garage later. Our's has an air conditioner and comfortably sleeps 5.

Makes it nice to have a kitchen & a cooled area when out camping. They do require attention, but are not hard to keep in top shape.

ETA: Those might be a little large for what you're looking for.

Link Posted: 5/7/2004 8:33:18 PM EST
I towed this one to Jacksonville, FL. from Wakarusa, IN. It is a Cabanna(sp?) Made by Keystone or Dutchmen I can't remember but it was a dream to pull. I kept forgetting it was back there.

We got in it to do a pre hook up check and this little guy was nice inside. You should look at it. If I were in the market for a small one I would look at this one hard. I still want the 45' Newmar but at 70+grand I will wait.
Link Posted: 5/7/2004 11:02:50 PM EST
I've always thought that the Scamp trailers were kind of neat.
Link Posted: 5/8/2004 12:46:58 AM EST
Are you talking pop-up or compact uprights?

When it comes to pop-up's, you can't beat Jayco. Wife & I have our eye on a sweet Jayco with a shower & shitter. Going to run us around $9000. Air conditioning and heat. Cheaper than paying for a fucking hotel all of the time.
Link Posted: 5/8/2004 2:29:40 AM EST
I had a travel trailer 22 foot Prowler, and I had a pop up -------------- I loved the pop up.
Link Posted: 5/11/2004 9:17:09 AM EST
Thanks for the info guys. As far as what specific type I am looking for, that is open for discussion. I am not looking for anything specific. I am just interested in what's available. I do like the off-road bushman types that I have links posted to on my original post. Not so much for the offroad capabilities but for their compactness and ease of setup.

Link Posted: 5/11/2004 9:20:35 AM EST
Here is my deer slayer. 1973 Rollite. I bought it driving to go deer hunting last year off the side of the road for $900. It was freezing and we were just talking about how nice a camper would be.
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