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Posted: 5/13/2002 1:07:40 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/13/2002 1:10:52 PM EDT by akira]
Looking for a FFl to do an out of state transfer for a Kali legal M1A.  

Had a great FFL guy for years but for some reason, I think he's out of buisness.  He doesn't return my calls.
Bought quite a few guns from him and had great prices. (he still made a profit and I didn't mind paying more to support his buisness) Took me years to fing this guy and now I'm on the look out again.  

Every Gun store, FFl person I call all wanna charge 10% or a 100 bucks. I wouldn't mind the gouging if the folks I talked to were nice decent people, but every time I talk to someone about this, they talk to me with a huge attitude.

I don't blame them for acting this way because of the way things are in Kali but why take it out on a fellow gun owner and a possible buisness relationship.  

Thats my sob story.    
Looking for a honest, nice, easy going FFl/dealer who I can do some buisness.  

I seriously have to move out of this state.
Any help would be great.

Email me at ar15t@hotmail.com


BTW, I tried most gun stores within a 30 mile radius.  Got ripped off at a few too.

Link Posted: 5/13/2002 1:12:28 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 1:30:52 PM EDT
[url]http://www.krausewerk.com[/url] says he'll do it for $30 to $50 plus PRK sales tax if its a dealer to dealer sale, or same thing less tax if it's a private sale.

Link Posted: 5/13/2002 3:11:06 PM EDT
Thank you all for your replies.  Email and posts.

Will try with the info given.

For your info, the transferis from a FFL dealer into Kali.

Please keep the good info comming.  Could always use a number of backups.

Link Posted: 5/13/2002 5:00:24 PM EDT
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 7:19:59 PM EDT
Shadowblade, you don't live in CA do you.  We in the occupied areas there are no "kitchen table FFL's".  If you don't have a store you don't get an FFL.  Thus the folks around here need to charge a fee to stay in business and nobody can begrudge them that.  The fee to the dealer for the backround check in CA is $25.00, or so I've been told be every FFL in me area.  Most of the shops charge a percentage of the price because by you buying a gun from somewhere else and they doing the heavy lifting on the paperwork side you are taking business from them.  They have to do the transfer per state and federal law but the fee is not regulated.  They're in business to make money and that's fine with me, if I don't like the fees they charge I don't by the gun or go somewhere else. Isn't America's great.
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 7:38:34 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/13/2002 7:41:30 PM EDT by Shadowblade]
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 9:36:04 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 5/13/2002 9:38:00 PM EDT by Kalifornia]
DUBLIN, CA 94568
PHONE 925-244-1660

I found this guy to be great. He's one of the good guys trying to help us out. No, he's not a dick either.

Link Posted: 5/13/2002 9:53:00 PM EDT
I'll second the recommendation for Mr Knigge. Nice guy, very helpful, odd hours (in a good way), unusual shop. If you use his services, you'll see what I mean.
Link Posted: 5/13/2002 11:29:15 PM EDT

Keep the faith Kali guys.  I'm just glad I'm not alone.  

Thanks to all who replied.

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