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Posted: 10/27/2004 3:37:11 AM EDT
IMMEDIATE REQUEST FOR 101st Airborne members...

CALLING ANY 101st Airborne troops: 101st, 101st, 101st, 101st, 101st. Anyone who was in the 101st when you secured the AlQaQaa facility on April 4-10, 2003. I want to hear from you.

Please contact me via kmc@wmca.comI will give you air-time on Wednesday in New York City and around the world to tell us the truth about what you did in the securing of the munitions dump that is now the subject of controversy and false representation by John Kerry.

PLEASE PASS THIS ON to anyone you know who knew someone in the 101st around that time.

Hanoi Kerry and the dims are making US troops look bad, again!

Spread the word on the internet!

Post on internet boards AND e-mails!



Hanoi Approved of Role Played By Kerry and VVAW


Kerry's Dishonorable Discharge


"...As many Vietnam veterans who served their nation with dignity and
honor will recall,
Jimmy Carter's first official act as president was the signing
Executive Order 11967
and Presidential Proclamation 4483

--less than an hour after his inauguration on 21 January 1977. EO
11967 and Presidential Proclamation 4483
provided general amnesty for draft evaders, war protesters and other
offenders of that era.

Its corresponding, and equally dubious, DoD directive took effect in
March of 1977,

expanding that amnesty to include separation from military service by
other than honorable discharges.

The DoD specified an appeal procedure whereby discharges could be
reviewed on an individual basis
to determine whether the status of a particular discharge could be

The whole 42:09 Stolen Honor online FREE right now! E-mail it NOW!

Stolen Honor nails Kerry and the VVAW
and how they lied at Winter Soldier.
And how Kerry lied to the US Senate in 1971
And how Kerry and his pack of liars caused our POW's to suffer!

Kerry and the DNC cannot stop
EVERYONE on the internet from seeing this!


E-mail the FREE 3:52 clip to everyone NOW!

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All the Latest Swift Boat Vets Ad!

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All the Swift Boat Vets Ads!
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Free online version of
John Kerry and the VVAW
"The New Soldier"
Banned by the DNC!
You can read it online right now.

The Swiftvets news conference on C-SPAN can be found here.
AND other valuable Video and Audio links.

"Liar!Liar!Liar!Creepy Liar!" Video
of Democrat losing it on MSNBC!
Lawrence O'Donnell screamed Liar! for 20 minutes!
And attacked John O'Neil
This is just a 3:28 sample of his attack.
PS O'Donnell never served in the military
BUT "knows" all about it?
What a loser!

The Children of Viet Nam Veterans Video (Not an easy one to watch)

Please remember the 58,000 + Names on the Wall on Nov 2

Please watch this video

Thank You

Link Posted: 10/27/2004 4:02:51 AM EDT
Who the heck are you?

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