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Posted: 10/13/2004 7:01:33 PM EDT
This is a reply regarding a post I made after he had said Bush invaded Iraq for the oil.

"I was in the Air Force, witnessed this first hand through orders etc. while on the other hand you are probably some pothead teenager who thinks posting a retort towards me will hold any bearing. I researched through self labor and through hundreds of reports issued on issues with the government, and orders passed down. I researched online and through government offices about reasons the war was started, and many other things.

If you would do something besides read and retort, you'd notice that there were no WMD's found in Iraq, no proof they ever existed, Saddam Hussein himself was even like 'double u tee ef' in court when they tried to blame him with connections with terrorist organizations etc.

The entire Iraqi war was based off of 9/11 and other terrorist reports and threats, and was in fact a cover up to go to war in order to liberate Iraq because Saddam hated bush and his father before him, and the Bush family had a personal vendetta against him for attempted assasination amongst other things.
Their was the usual government bull****ting to cover up the real reasons that they went to war, like the terrorist connections that never existed, the WMD's that never existed etc, but they knew no one would find this out until the war was already in full swing, and these issues wouldn't hold much ground since Saddam was already out of power etc. Bush even has Saddam's personal gun mounted on his wall as a phallic trophy that he finally got back at him for all the bs.

There are in depth reports that show no relation between Saddam Hussein or the government of Iraq with Terrorist organizations, his brothers on the other hand did have some minor connections, but none were anti-US. These were anti-Israel etc factions that were against the people of Israel as well as some other minor factions in the area because of age-old land wars and grudges.

The Al-Quada / Taliban / Al-Jazeer etc. factions that are anti-US, campaigning by kidnapping and beheading foreigners in iraq and the surrounding countries whether in relation to Osama Bin Laden or not, were proven without a doubt to have no relation to Saddam Hussein himself, and therefore the entire base of Operation Iraqi freedom was a farce, the name of the operation was to free Iraq, which happened, but in the long run, this did nothing to help the US but kill many many soldiers, and did nothing against the terrorism, which was a MUCH larger issue than Iraq, which didn't even post the smallest threat to the US in it's ADMITTED and PROVEN state of economy before the invasion, which showed its arms campaigns were going downhill, it had no funding for weapons programs, and its military was falling apart.

Next time you try to retort please have some background information before blindly quoting my posts, it just makes me come back and show you that you know nothing about what you typed.

And I carry a .50 Caliber Desert Eagle handgun in a shoulder clip because I know how to use it, I was fully trained by the military in use of weapons, and I am fully capable of handling this high powered rifle of a handgun in all matters.

Once again, just because you know nothing you thought you held a candle of a retort to my post. Next time please research and get all the facts before attempting to flame me, thanks."

Oh yeah, I made fun of his knowledge, I mean lack there of , of handguns as well and he says its a high powered rifle of a handgun.
Link Posted: 10/13/2004 7:06:57 PM EDT
Hell ...you didn't have to reply to this guy...seems like he's had the whole conversation with himself.

He knows everything and he's sure of it....plus he's done research and he was trained, and he was this and that and BLAH bLAH BLAH...SHUT THE F*CK UP already!

Maybe Kerry is posting on these sites now?


Kurt "Callin a spade a spade" Austin
Link Posted: 10/13/2004 7:07:06 PM EDT
Where's the link?
Link Posted: 10/13/2004 7:13:11 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 10/13/2004 7:14:08 PM EDT by ctprelude]

I'm not sure if it will let you access the thread, but here is a link. It all stemed off of a debate over abortion and somehow got to this.

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