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Posted: 5/20/2005 9:12:24 AM EDT
I listen to WISU out of Terre Haute, only because I like most of the music. They have absolute idiots for DJ's. Back around Christmas, "T-rex" was on saying how he wanted listeners to call in and give suggestions for what to call Christmas that wouldn't offend anyone. He wanted to embrace diversity, which makes no sense since he would be making things less diverse. I was driving, just thinking STFU and play something. Well, he played a song, then came back on. What he said went something like this:
"Well, I just had someone call in, he said that he was going to call it 'Christmas' and if someone didn't like it, they could eat rhymes with pit. Hopefully someone else will call in and show that not everyone in southern Indiana is a redneck"
I loved it. Dumbass, liberal, Bush hating college kid gets the verbal smack down. Sweet. I only listened for a little bit longer, but he didn't acknowledge anyone else calling in.

This station also has some of the dumbest commercials I've ever heard. Ever heard the "HIV rap"? Oh yeah, it starts with "HIV is so scary" and ends with "it's safer to masturbate"
Then there are the Project Safe Neighborhood ads. Some little kid comes on and talks about how his brother is going to jail...because he committed a crime with a gun! He's going to jail because he committed a crime you dope!
Then there's one ad, I don't even know what it's about. Two women on the phone talking:
"yeah, she had a baby, she named it one of those names"
"what names?"
"Oh, Shaniqua, Taniqua, one of those names, you know"
dead serious voice: "No Susan, I don't know".

I sooo wish southern Indiana had a decent rock/alternative/metal station. X103 doesn't reach far enough south!
Link Posted: 5/20/2005 10:21:31 AM EDT
I feel your pain. I listen to a college radio station to catch new, independent music minus the corporate frills (I can't spring for satellite radio yet).

I hear some messed up sh*$, especially if I'm listening while driving home late at night. I get bombarded with commercials endorsing....
1) hugging trees
2) embracing "diversity"
3) being empathetic (I refuse to acknowledge a French point of view)
4) peace (freedom isn't free--I don't like military bashers)
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