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Posted: 9/17/2009 1:09:14 AM EST
Not grand sweeping news, but a local station decided to cover one man's problem with ACORN in Louisville, KY:


(WHAS11) - The non-profit group ACORN, which receives tax money, is still making headlines.
Watch this story ACORN employees were caught on camera, allegedly trying to help a couple posing as the owners of a prostitution ring get low income housing.

But a local man says he's been having problems with ACORN for years for another reason.

ACORN has operated at least two offices in Louisville. One downtown on Muhammad Ali and the other off Frankfort Avenue.

While the organization was in Louisville, organizers solicited neighborhoods trying to recruit members and get donations.

One man who signed up says he's still paying the price, long after ACORN moved on.

Willie Northington, 80, first heard about ACORN when he was approached while sitting on his front porch.

“I was interested in helping out the community and I joined,” said Northington.

At first, Northington said the group held meetings and sent out newsletters.

But that was years before ACORN fell under investigation for alleged election fraud and after workers were allegedly caught on undercover camera counseling a couple how to run an underage prostitution ring from low income housing.

Northington says he stopped hearing from ACORN 2 years ago.

“I never heard anything, only my money is going to them every month,” Northington says.

Northington says ACORN uses another company to deduct $10 a month from his checking account.

His bank told him since he authorized the deduction; ACORN would have to end it.

“I haven't been able to ask him to stop. I haven't been able to contact them,” said Northington.

WHAS11 tried to call the Louisville ACORN office, but the location listed on ACORN's website has been rented to a new tenant.

WHAS11 tried to help Northington find someone else who could remove him from the ACORN donor's list but at first, all we reached were more disconnected numbers and an answering machine.

We finally reached a person at the Little Rock office who directed us to the closed Louisville office and then hung up.

So, we called Northington's bank and told them about the situation and they agreed to stop the monthly deductions.
Link Posted: 9/17/2009 1:11:38 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/17/2009 1:12:04 AM EST by PROFESSORCHAOS]
A talk with someone at his bank would get that straightened right out...

Link Posted: 9/17/2009 1:51:39 AM EST
The poor and elderly are the least able to deal with massive and evil criminal organizations; that's why those organizations prey on them. Everyone in the inner cities needs help dealing with life; they need to join a community organization for assistance. I suggest the NRA.
Link Posted: 9/17/2009 1:55:13 AM EST
Close bank account and re-open one somewhere else?
Link Posted: 9/17/2009 3:54:48 AM EST
Originally Posted By C-4:
Close bank account and re-open one somewhere else?

That would have been my tactic... I would have at least threatened it to the bank... in fact, all I have to do with my bank is say "I dispute that charge" and it stops. I think the old guy was getting a runaround from ACORN and the bank, and was probably not very savvy on anything bank/deduction related.
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