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Posted: 8/19/2004 12:14:09 AM EST
As most of you know Micheal Badnarik is the Libertarian Canidate this election and he is the best Libertarian canidate the party has had since it's birth 30 years ago.
He is a computer consultant from Texas who also has been teaching classes on the Constitution for years.  He has been studying the constitution for about 18 years and therfore knows it inside and out.
He is obviously EXTREMELY pro-gun, pro free-trade and pro liberty for about everything.
I know a lot of people on this board are saying they will vote for Bush because he is not JoHn Kerry and has not passed any more gun control laws.
While a decent reason i suppose, it is not good enough to forget about the other canidates.  Bush has also failed to do anything to reverse some of the liberties we lost in the past several decades.  Sure, the AWB expires VERY soon, and that is GREAT.  But it will be back, if we continue voting for the same two parties, be it  4 months, 4 years, 8 years or 12.  The laws in this country have only done one thing in the past hundred years, and that is multiply.  We need a president who understands what this country was founded on and understands what the limits of government are.
Congress has been out of line for decades.  They have 18 specific things they are allowed to do.  Nowhere in those 18 does if give them permission to create such things as social security, medicare, medicaid, welfare programs, Gun control, Give the president permission to use the military ect.  BUT THEY HAVE ANYWAY.  We need someone in office who has the balls to VETO almost all of the garbage they pass.
I will let you all in on a secret.  Life won't be different under Bush or Kerry in the next 4 years.  It just won't
The war in Iraq will continue, Liberties will continue to dissapear, taxes will still be too high, health care will continue to move towards a socialist system, costs will rise, the debt will increase, the government will continue overspending.  The economy will be stable but people will complain anyway. The list goes on.

While obviously Badnarik has no chance of winning this election, if people start voting for what they actually believe in progress WILL be made.  If you vote the same way you have the last 20 years, the same things will happen, it's common sense.  Libertarianism can be a reality.  But it starts with the individual.  You must change, you must be passionate about it to tell and educate your friends.  They must tell theirs.  It can spread like wildfire once we take the first step.
The internet allows one person to spread his ideas to thousands, which can make this happen quicker.  But again, it starts with you.


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