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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 4/24/2002 6:53:54 AM EST
You know you are a liberal if: 1) You say we should not be judgmental, but you judge and condemn sexists, racists, "homophobes" et. al. Or 2) you say we cannot legislate morality, by you push for laws that legislate your morals or values (by outlawing "hate crimes" and "racist" behaviour, for example). Or 3) you condemn sexism, but allow sexist abortions (Many unborn female babies are aborted because in some cultures females are deemed inferior to males). Or 4) you condemn racism, but allow racist abortions (A white woman impregnated by a black paramour can choose to abort a black fetus). Or 5) you condemn discrimination against the handicapped, but allow somewhat physically-compromised unborn babies to be aborted. Or 6) You condemn so-called homophobia, but would allow "homophobic abortions" (If we ever find a "homosexual gene", liberals would allow the abortions of fetuses carrying that gene.) Or 7) you believe in abortion-on-demand, but you also believe in "animal rights". Or 8) you condemn mean-spirited and hateful name -calling (e.g. queer), then engage in mean-spirited and hateful name-calling (e.g. labeling certain conservatives bigots, Neanderthals, "Homophobes", etc.) Or 9) you believe that we should not try to change homosexuals because (according to you ) they are born that way, but that we should try to change the typically boisterous behaviour of boys with drugs (Ritalin) and psycho-social conditioning–should try to tame or feminize them–despite the fact that boys are born to be more boisterous than girls. Or 10) you believe in restricting the rights of people who smoke tobacco (because of the unhealthy aspects of second-hand-smoke), but you do not believe in restricting the rights of people who spread AIDS, gonorrhea, herpes, chlamydia, syphilis, hepatitis-B, amoebiasis, giardiasis and other such STD's. Or 11) you condemn flying the Confederate flag because millions of black people might be offended by it, by you condone protesters burning the Stars and Stripes even though such desecration offends millions of American patriots. Or 12) you believe a "Straight Pride" T-shirt is insensitive and offensive, but a "Gay Pride" T-shirt is not. Or 13) you believe universities should grant racial preferences in admissions to black Americans because of past discrimination, but you do not believe in granting such racial preferences to Asian Americans even though they have also been called derogatory names and been discriminated against for many years. Or 14) you believe all-black college dorms are "progressive" but all-white ones are racist; and you similarly believe that separate graduation ceremonies for black (or Hispanics or homosexuals et al) are "progressive" but separate ceremonies for whites (or heterosexuals) are outrageously wrong.
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