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Posted: 3/4/2002 8:13:59 PM EDT
As some of you may know another dumba$$ in Seattle got capped by the cops a week or two ago (for good reason) and of course everybody started whining about race AGAIN. Here is a funny letter to the editor in the Seattle Times: [i]Pepper Spray, Tasers and a degree in social science[/i] Editor, The Times: Again, after trying non-lethal methods, Seattle police have had to shoot a person in the act of a violent outburst. Again, there are people ready to criticize the police and ask for solutions that don't lead to dead citizens. Of course, the police want solutions that don't lead to dead police. This is my solution. We would replace SWAT with CPAT (Community Political Activists Teams). At the first sign of violence, the police would fall back and deploy a CPAT team armed with pepper spray, a Taser, and a bachelor's degree in political science or social work. Once the highly educated CPAT team has disarmed the subdued the violent suspect, the police would then transport the suspect to jail. In neighborhoods where people complain the police are abusive, each car would be driven by a police officer, but the accompanying CPAT member would always be the first to approach a vehicle or enter the building. Once they have made sure there will be no need for deadly force, the police officers can begin do to their work. Finally, in keeping with the goal, threatening or attempting to kill a CPAT team member will never be a reason to apply deadly force; the CPAT members will be expected to defend themselves in the same way they advise the police to in dangerous circumstances. The police are not perfect, they are humans. They do risk their lives doing what they feel is right. If Seattle's vocal political activists feel so strongly, let them sign up for the CPAT teams and put their lives on the line proving that swords, guns and moving vehicles are not dangerous enough to warrant deadly force. [i]Ken Hoffman, Bellevue[/i]
Link Posted: 3/4/2002 8:17:29 PM EDT
Yeah, peper spray and tasers will work real great if you run into bad guys that did a little planing and are wearing spectra vests and armed with illegaly imported FAMASs and MP-5's....oh wait that's the UN, my bad.
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