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Posted: 5/10/2001 12:30:18 AM EDT
You wonder why children are being killed by guns? I'll tell you. Your too busy marching around the world to stay at home and teach your children responsibility. People shouldn't fear guns, they should be taught to respect guns. Guns do not kill anyone, the people behind the guns do the killing. A person that would kill another human being with a gun is the same person who would kill another human being with a knife, or a club, or a rock. Maybe you should march for harsher punishments for crimes in general. I have been raised around guns all my life. When I was young I was always taught to respect all firearms and to treat all firearms as if they were loaded. I was also taught to respect myself, other people and other peoples property. I'm 26 years old now and I have been a gun collector since I was 17. I enjoy target practicing, skeet shooting, and plinking. I also have a permit to carry a concealed weapon. I believe it is my God given right to protect myself in this crule world we live in and I will not give up that right to you or anyone else who thinks they can take my guns away. I believe in responsible gun ownership but you people fight for the banning of all guns. Its a shame how people missuse firearms but banning guns will only affect honest people. Criminals will always find a way to own a gun. Look how it has affected Australia. The crime rate there has skyrocketed. Think about this, if you were a criminal, would you rather break into a home of someone who doesn't own a gun or someone who does own one? It's a shame to say but there will always be violence. People were killing one another before guns were invented. Women get raped at knifepoint, people are stabbed for thier hard earned money but people never march to ban knives. Why don't all you soccer moms stay at home and teach your children responsibility instead of leaving them at home alone while you try and change the world in a way that would only raise the crime rate? I am just one man writing you this e-mail but I am also one of millions of gun owners that wont stand for someone who would take away our 2nd amendment rights. The more you fight, the more we fight. We will always be here as long as you are. Violence is not caused by guns, movies, or computer games, its caused by too little supervision at home. If more people would take the time with thier children and teach them right from wrong (responsibility) this would be a better world we live in. Maybe you moms should take a little more responsibility for your own actions. Its alot easier to blame guns, or violent movies and video games than it is to take the blame yourself for not teaching your own children right from wrong. So instead of wasting your time marching for a losing cause, why not spend that time with your children teaching them to respect themselves, others, and other peoples property. If more people did that, maybe we would live in a more peaceful world. Yours truly, a responsible gun owner
Link Posted: 5/10/2001 12:53:35 AM EDT
Good letter, but it'll be in the trash before you know it. They'll read the first sentence or two, and their heart rates and anger status will go through the roof. Good way to get'em all riled up though!
Link Posted: 5/10/2001 1:14:46 AM EDT
Ahhh, the voice of common-sense. They'll immediately block it out. They're very good that, you know.
Link Posted: 5/10/2001 6:00:08 AM EDT
Yeah I know it wont help but I think its funny to stir up a hornets nest every now and then. Eat this socker moms [frag]
Link Posted: 5/10/2001 6:36:45 AM EDT
Superb letter! Too bad commies don't care what we have to say. They just want our guns.
Link Posted: 5/10/2001 6:53:40 AM EDT
Good letter and here's their reply [-!-!-] Saw a lot of this at last years SAS rally. As the M's left and drove past in their cars, we got [-!-!-]
Link Posted: 5/10/2001 7:01:04 AM EDT
hehehe lets all send them a copy.
Link Posted: 5/10/2001 8:59:42 AM EDT
the-survivalist makes a good point. You know people like these soccer moms always hound and harass people to get thier point across. But who hounds the hounders?? Maybe we should all keep sending them letters and let them know whats it like to be constantly hounded. What if we all gathered at one of thier houses with signs and lots of chanting and give them a taste of thier own medicine...lol We could start with Mary Leigh Blek, the president of million mom march. That could be fun.
Link Posted: 5/10/2001 2:32:52 PM EDT
Dude, I hate to be the one to break it to you but this is what they are going to read out of your letter.
Originally Posted By NightHawk: You wonder why children are being killed by guns? I'll tell you. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx People shouldxx fear gunsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx­x. Guns xxxxxxx kill xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. A person xxxxx would kill another human being with a gun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx­xxxx xxxxxxxxxxx. I have been raised around guns all my life. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx­xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I have been a gun collector since I was 17. I enjoy xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx­xxxx carry a concealed weapon. xxxxxxxxxxx God xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx­xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx can take my guns away. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx the banning of all gunsxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx­xxxxxxx will only affect xxxxxxxxxxxx Criminals xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx­xxxxxxxxx I xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx own a gun xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx I xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx will always be violence. People xxxxx kill xxx one another xx for x guns xxxxxxxxxx. Xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx­xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxx knives xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx teach your children xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx in a way that would only raise the crime rate? I am just one man xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx­xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx who xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx i xx s Violence xxxxxx caused by guns, xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx­xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx­xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx­xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx­xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx­xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Yours truly, a xxxxlx gun owner
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Link Posted: 5/10/2001 2:46:30 PM EDT
At the rate things are going, it's really too damn bad we can't call them the mindless soccermom yuppified semievolved nitwit breeder factories they have really become. I was really amused two summers ago when HCI sent a fundraiser letter to my house - I'm ex-ABN and my wife is ex-PD. I wrote a reply (I don't expect an answer) BARELY mentioned firearms so nothing could be taken out of context, included about 6 of those huge malleable iron washers, and sent it all back to them in their post-paid envelope. Every few months or so I write a letter that sounds like I',m REAL EAGER to sign up, and pull some more of those iron washers out of the bucket in the garage for my "donation" - in their post-paid envelope! I must be a significant drain on their resources, but they just aren't hip to it yet... I like to do the same thing to the DNC, and gave Hillary! a whole slew of iron washers for donations - on their stamp. I hope it helps... Meanwhile, I keep in practise for the coming revolution, and keep my mind sharp, my body strong, and my powder dry. Watch your Six! FFZ
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