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Posted: 9/12/2013 4:46:35 PM EDT
This is a letter a friend wrote to our state representative about the current and coming state of education here in TN. Thought some here might appreciate it.

Dear Honorable Representative:

As an educator, I respectfully ask that you take a serious look at the current state of education in Tennessee.  

I identify with the Republican Party, and proudly so, due to the focus
on the sanctity of life, fiscal conservatism, free market principles,
individual responsibility, I have been profoundly disappointed in
Governor Haslam, Education Commissioner Kevin Huffman, and much of the
Tennessee Legislature’s treatment of students, educators, and the school
system in Tennessee.

morale is at all time low across the state.  Anecdotally, I know of
countless teachers who would leave the profession.  Not because of low
pay, student
issues, or poor facilities, but because teachers are being treated as
the scapegoats of society, and undervalued, second class citizens.  
Granted, you do not believe this, and other representatives would give
lip service that my conclusion is wrong, but their
actions speak otherwise.

are being discouraged from furthering through education due to the
elimination of the traditional pay scale.  No other institution or
establishment discourages employees from bettering themselves, but that
is exactly what the new pay scale has done.  It is incredibly ironic
that the Tennessee Education Department has successfully discouraged the
furthering of education for educators.

there are proposals to revoke teacher licenses if test scores are poor,
even though the TVAAS system to evaluate student growth is
error riddled, unfair, and preposterous.  

are almost never given a voice in educational changes.  Instead, we are
told by our leaders and administrators that the changes in education
"the nature of the beast,” we are to "do more with less,” or "just deal
with it.”  Not only is this poor leadership, it is unnecessary and

concerns are also arising with the Common Core advancement.  Students
are being tested excessively with no conclusive proof that education
will improve.
The costs for the new assessments are tremendous, and will further
strain the State’s budget.  Furthermore, it seems ironic to me that
Common Core is being heavily lauded by the Obama Administration (perhaps
the most liberal in American History) and yet it
is being welcomed with open arms by many conservative lawmakers,
including our Governor.  I believe states should be free to establish
educational goals and standards, as outlined by the U.S. Constitution,
and it troubles me that a "nationalized” curriculum
(i.e., Federal takeover) of education is underway.  Sadly, Tennessee has
fawned over this takeover because it has been accompanied by briefcases
full of Federal money.  Naturally, there are many strings attached to
these funds.

is Tennessee’s opportunity to put the brakes on the Federal takeover of
education and restore education to the State and local level, and to do
is best for the students.  Please take time to listen and utilize the
wisdom of educators in the classroom.  Educators in the classroom are
the most underutilized resource for reform in education.  As the classic
saying goes, true reform and positive results
will come from the bottom up (teachers to lawmakers) and not the top
down (lawmakers to teachers).

appreciate the time you have taken to listen to my concerns.  I believe
in the American ideals of republicanism and the belief that lawmakers
listen to
and address the petitioning of the citizens.  I will be glad to work
with you to improve education in our great State of Tennessee.

Thank you for your help and thoughtfulness.

Link Posted: 9/12/2013 4:49:30 PM EDT
Responsibility without authority.   That's the situation for teachers.

And the States could reject common core, NCLB, Title whatever, or any other Federal intrusion into their State education system if they wanted to.   They're too addicted to the Fed tit not to eat shit and ask for seconds.
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