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Posted: 6/28/2001 3:59:44 PM EDT
Here's mine. About 15 years ago my best friend and I decided to bury our guns just in case gov't decided we couldn't have them anymore. We spent some time thinking about what we would bury and decided to bury a pair of Ruger 10/22 which we would buy without "paperwork". For next several weeks we checked all the local classified section in the local papers and finally found what we wanted. Both were used but was in good condition and both were very reliable and accurate. Along with rifles, we also got 1000 rounds of CCI MiniMag solid ammo, 6 Ramline 25 round mags and pair of cleaning kit. All this stuff was cleaned, oiled, wraped and sealed in a sealed polybag. Finally we pit it all in a PVC pipe with sealed end caps. We decided to bury the stuff outside of the city so we drove about 10 miles out to a field not too far from the road. We dug a hole about 6-7 feet deep and put the PVC pipe in it. To mark the hole we put a large rock on top of the hole and drew a map of it. For next several years we would drive by the field and walked to the rock to take a look. Well, for next several years both my friend and I moved away for school and work and didn't have time to go back. Finally one day, we got together and drove over to our field. On the way we saw that most of the fields were had houses on it. When we got to out field we found a building on it and where we had our guns now stood a multi-floor car garage.
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