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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/27/2003 1:57:06 PM EST
I figure some shooting is what I need to get my mind off my troubles. I am ever in search of the perfect load for my varmint rig. A M700VSSF in .22-250. Seems to like W760 powder exclusively. Shot Nosler's, Hornady's, Sierra's. Never tried those Bergers though. My best combination is with 55 gr Vmax's or 55gr Combined Technologies(Nosler BT's with some coating by Winchester) on top of a shot of W760 and a CCI Benchrest primer. I have been using Remington brass. I hear Winchester is better but I have about 150 Remington cases that have seen one or two reloads so I'll stick with these for a bit. Had the barrel recrowned because I messed it up shooting ghogs and gun slipped off the rockpile I was resting on(Harris bipod) barrel end and crown got nicked up. Local gunsmith fixed it up good! I adjusted the trigger to 1.5 lbs and it is crisp and clean! Anyway I have shot some decent groups. The best being a genuine 5 shot group, not flyers, at .43" at 100 yards and 3750 average velocity. I can get under 1" with just about anything but if I want sub .75" groups I have to load up W760. One thing that bugs me about the rifle is it seems to have a long throat. I've only shot 500-600 rds through it never faster than one every 4-5 minutes. Maybe I should try a 70-80gr bullet? I know that eventually the throat will be to far eroded to seat bullets reliably and I'll have to get a new barrel but that's down the road , I just was think about something new to try. Twist is 1/12 so I'm not sure how well a longer bullet will stabilize. I have it topped with a Leupold Vari-X III 6.5-20x40mm. My best single shot kill was a rangefinder verified 537 yards at a ground hog. Lot's of luck too! Usually I have to fire 3-5 sighter rounds to get them out that far but I guessed everything right on that one. Last summer I hit 3 in a row at 298, 267 and 307. The one at 267 yards actually came a part like a retread tire when I hit it. I missed several at 500+. No chance for sighter shots as they all skidaddled at the first shot. I bought a sunshade last fall because the evening sun in the summer is a pain. I am thinking of trying my hand at coyotes I know a place that has them. I'd like something in a .308 bolt but that's on the back burner for the time being as I have other things to tend to first. When I get all this crap in order at home I'm thinking a M700 VS in .308 with a Leupold and a Harris bipod. Loaded up some rounds with Varget. I have not tried them yet. maybe this week. Supposed to be a good powder, temperature stable too. I remember when I first got the rifle and had it set up I never bothered to adjust the parallax and I was confusing that with heat mirage and couldn't break a 2" group. I was convinced the gun was shit. I wasted lots of powder and ammo figuring that out! Then I noticed the same thing all the time so I decided to try messing with the parallax adjustment. Night and day! My cross hairs stopped getting fuzzy and dancing around. I did notice that the settings labeled on the scope for parallax are not indicative of the actual yardage. It seems the adjustment for 100 yards is off and actualy closer to the labeled 200 yard marking. That doesn't matter I pick a spot focus on it and move slightly my head sisde to side and up and down until the adjustment settles it down and I'm good to go!
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