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Posted: 9/18/2001 9:13:35 AM EDT
Link Posted: 9/18/2001 9:23:09 AM EDT
Damn, must be a slow day in the office for you today Hiram! I guess your buddy already has his NY pistol permit? Seriously though, for a novice shooter, I suggest a shotgun, usually an 870, for a defensive weapon. A Mooseberg if he is desperate. None of that AK crap. They might actually want to hit what they are shooting at...
Link Posted: 9/18/2001 9:28:29 AM EDT
I would go with a SAR-1, $300- to $350. Or a milled Bugarian Reciever one, $400-500. 2k of rounds, FMJ WOLF or Barnul- $70.00/k 1 cheap-o $5 bi-pod that spring clips on end of barrel, for those longer shots. Tenn Guns has 10 30 rders for $55.00, and get some 20's too. $20 a pop. 2 or so. Plus the ever important battle gear, and such. Need a place to hold your mags! $50-100. Gas mask, $50. That about right? Anything left over, a romaian .22 trainer, or 10/22, with a scope, and a couple of bricks of .22. 7.62 * 39 will go thru a lot of stuff. Cars is the biggest one to worry about during civl unrest. .223 sometimes get defected by car windows. c-rock
Link Posted: 9/18/2001 9:29:09 AM EDT
OK. For hard hitting ammo and big game I would 1st get: Turkish Mauser from AIM 8mm $40 1400 rounds 8mm Turk ammo in packs $75. You get a ton of ammo that can put holes though steal and give you both firepower and accuracy. For a back up carbine that shoots a full power round: Russian Mosin Nagant M44 from CIA $40 880 rounds 7.62x54 Russian ammo $90. Again accurate, dirt cheap and you can get a ton of ammo. For the intermediate carry rifle: SAR2 from AIM $250, 5.45 1000 rounds $95, 8 mags and case from CIA $40. You get a ton of mags CHEAP, a light rifle and round that is VERY durable. For a sidearm: Agrentine Colt Manu 1911 .45 $300 250 rounds .45 ammo $62.50, 1 extra mag $10.00. A pistol isn't a big priority but it would be nice for last defense. $1002.50 so I went a hair over but I've got back ups, 3570 rounds, mags, pistol, and some pretty good rifles.
Link Posted: 9/18/2001 9:43:11 AM EDT
Ruger sp 101 or gp 101 in .357. .357 lever action carbine. 12 ga. defender shotgun from win., rem., or moss. 3 to 5 D cell mag lites for everyone including lots of batts. and spare bright bulbs. Also include cheap FRS radios for everyone for close quarters comm. Be sure to have agreed codes and share with neighbors.
Link Posted: 9/18/2001 10:35:35 AM EDT
I agree with Geoff. For a beginner a surplus bolt action would be the best choice. The M44 M/N and 7.62x54 is the best bang for the buck. Literally. [:D] A person, especially a beginner could do a whole lot worse than this. A Rem. 870 would be the best shotgun to own. For any reason. (I'm pretty partical to them, bet you couldn't tell). The HS2000 has a good reputation, though I've never seen one. It is affordable. I would buy a Beretta or Tauras 9mm with the money saved on the rifle. Spend everything else on ammo.
Link Posted: 9/18/2001 10:39:57 AM EDT
The only thing about the mausers and enfields is that someone who has never fired a rifle before is going to get the snot kicked out of them. It doesn't bother me anymore - unless I shoot lots and then I'm sore the next day. But a greenhorn will be too scared of his rifle to hit anything after the 1st shot. Handguns can eat up a disproportionate share of that money. I'm suprised nobody has said Makarov/CZ-52.
Link Posted: 9/18/2001 10:59:01 AM EDT
FR-8 (mauser carbine ) from CIA - 250.00 Replacement stock w/ recoil pad - 79.00 1000 rds surplus 308 ammo - 200.00 Mossberg 500 Shotgun 12ga - 189.00 200 rds 12 ga Buckshot - 50.00 Makarov (9x18mm) - 119.00 Case 9x18 HP ammo - 65.00 Why - FR-8 is 308, so resupply in the field should be fairly easy, repair parts are common, its accurate and fairly idiot proof. ditto 12 ga. Makarov - good no nonsense pistol, in a good caliber, ammo available. Comes with extra mag and holster. Take the last 48 bucks and buy a few slings, and a cleaning kit for above.
Link Posted: 9/18/2001 11:20:40 AM EDT
I have a CZ-52 pistol. I just bought a 9mm barrel for it. Of the 5 brands of ammo I've tried only the Win. USA 115gr. feeds 100%. That's not something I'm willing to stake my life on. The 7.62x25 is 100% also. It's just not as easy to find.
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