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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 1/13/2002 5:38:41 PM EST
I'm looking for a laptop computer, nothing too fancy just basically for the internet, word processing, photoshop, and other random stuff. I know nothing about laptops and was curious of any websites that have reviews and/or will tell me about them. Also if you know of any good online retailers that have good prices that would be helpfull also. Thanks in advance. Kevin
Link Posted: 1/13/2002 5:59:35 PM EST
I have used Toshiba, NEC, IBM, and Dell. I have supported Compaq (ugh!), HP, and others too numerous to mention. The winner is... IBM - by a wide margin! They have very sturdy cases (Titanium alloy!) use quality internals, and don't get stupid when building drivers for devices. They use all industry standard components (3com/Intel networking, Lucent modems, Savage or ATI video, etc...) are very solid and reliable, have great battery life for the functions they do, and are constantly expanding their line of add-ons. How much do I like them? I have, in service: 2xThinkPad T20 1xThinkPad T21 1xThinkPad T22 1xThinkPad X21 3xThinkPad 600X 2xThinkPad 760XD 1xThinkPad 750 Most of them at home and in the family. A note about laptops - while there are addons and storage upgrades, the only user upgradable internal component is really memory. Don't think that you will ALWAYS use it simply for internet and email, or you will end up buying another laptop later. DO IT RIGHT. You probably don't need the bleeding edge, so you can go with the lines that are being phased out. That alone will save you some decent money. You can also look for refurbished units - they are usually done at the factory (check mfr sites) and will carry a comparable warranty for a reduced price. 1st Choice - IBM 2nd Choice - HP 3rd Choice - Sony FFZ
Link Posted: 1/13/2002 7:59:24 PM EST
If your major use is the internet, email and word then most any current laptop would be fine. Since you mentioned Photoshop I have to say get a Powerbook G4 Titanuim [url]http://www.apple.com/powerbook/[/url].
Link Posted: 1/13/2002 8:22:14 PM EST
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 3:12:10 PM EST
I have to go with what FreeFireZone said. IBM is the current winner, except that they are $$$ (comparatively to other manufactures). My last job handed me an IBM for a desktop replacement, and WOW I finally fell in love with laptops. I had the Thinkpad A series. Wonderful machine. Unfortunately, when I left the company, I had to give it back. Last week I went and picked up a Sony Vio FXA36 (AMD 1gHz, 256meg RAM, DVD/CD-RW $1599 MSRP). Got it home, had a wonderful time with it... until, I couldn't get "Return to Castle Wolfenstein" to run (video wasn't strong enough), and I started to have problems with wrists. The palm rest was to deep/wide for me to type. It put my wrist's at an odd angle (I don't remember the IBM doing that to me). It also didn't have a port for an external keyboard. And I didn't feel like going out and buying a USB keyboard. The only other problem I had with the Sony, was the hard drive really should have been replaced. It kept clicking when idle (locking the heads), it was very anonoying. It took it back, and am now wondering how I am going to get an IBM in my price range with what I want. Sigh...
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 3:23:48 PM EST
iBook. Mine runs Photoshop fine — plenty speedy. Great screen, great battery life, decent price, comes with some great software (iMovie, iTunes, your choice of OS9 or X). Of the 8 Macs and 4 PCs I've owned over the years, it's by far the best. The new 14" model looks enticing as sort of a poor-man's PowerBook, but the excellent smaller screen and compact size of the 12" model is still what I'd go for if I had to do it again.
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 3:29:17 PM EST
IBM definitely. I like the feel of them, and the reliability. I have a T21 now, and before that had a 770, a 570 and a 380. Loved them all. I run all kinds of software on it, from Visual Studio, to Photoshop, to SQL Server... Oh, and the OS is Windows 2000 Server... hard to beat a 1.5" thick web and database server heh heh.
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 3:40:02 PM EST
funny you should ask. i'm using my imb thinkpad right now. looks like ibm is popular!
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 4:28:07 PM EST
Whatever you do, don't buy an Acer. That is what I am using, and it is a POS.
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 4:45:19 PM EST
THINKPAD a22m. DVD, 512MB RAM, 30GB HDD, 15" display, ... I made the mistake of purchasing a cheap laptop for my first one and I got what I paid for. Avoid Fujitsu. My brother has a toshiba and he's happy with it. This is my second ThinkPad and they have both been tanks. I do not treat them very kindly but they never miss a beat.
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 4:49:57 PM EST
I have a new in box Sony Vaio PCG-XG38 NIB. I bought it for a business that Iam going to start and decided that my current Vaio will do. Let em know if you are interested. I can send you a spec sheet. PIII 700 megahertz DVD player, tons of software...
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 4:56:59 PM EST
Buy something else other than HP. When I worked in for HP's consulting business, we always tried to push our clients into purchasing the Omnibook line of laptops. However, these laptops are inferior to others. All awhile, not one of our clients standardized on these laptops. Too many problems. HP originally contracted to Twinhead (that's why the Omnibook 5000s series look so much like a Twinhead) and they are now contracted to another Tiwainese firm which I can't remember right now. Of course, I'm stuck with an Omnibook 900 right now that can only run OS's that step down in power while not executing any processes. Otherwise it will overheat. Thus, no Linux or NT/2000 server.
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 5:00:49 PM EST
What ShortyAK said!
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 5:55:36 PM EST
I'll be the lone voice for ridicule. If $$$ matters, I suggest you look at WinBook. No, they're not as screamingly fast, or as thin, or as light, or have awesome battery life. But what they do give is the most bang for the buck I've found. A similarly equipped Dell is more. A similarly equipped IBM is A LOT more. So far I've had two, and liked 'em both. If you're buying one just for yourself, check 'em out. [url]http://www.winbook.com[/url]
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 6:12:26 PM EST
While I respect the opinion of others on the subject, I have been very satisfied with my Dell Inspiron 8100. Consumer Reports puts Dell #1 in support, and like IBM they build from reliable off the shelf components (well known names, too, not foreign or out-of-biz tomorrow names). I would second what the others have said about buying what you will really need up front; laptops are not as easy to upgrade as desktops. Some things to look for are connectivity to a port replicator (enables you to quickly "plug in" to printer, larger keyboard, monitor, sound system, etc. at home\work), 2nd modular bay (to exchange CDR drives, ZIP drives, 1.44 drives, etc.), and reputation\warranty of whoever you are buying this from. I would rather spend a little more and go with a big-boy who will take care of me when the going gets tough, as opposed to someone who subs out their support or may not be in biz next year. Also, if you are looking for a lot of photoshop working, check into a larger graphics card (32 or 64 meg), as this will in many circumstances accelerate your rate of refresh, particularly noticable in large files. A word of caution, however; my wife is a Senior Art Director with a major corporation, and she would NEVER do any of her graphic work on a laptop; just not the appropriate platform for large, professional projects. Whatever you do, Good luck and have fun with it!
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 6:18:06 PM EST
As a happy Dell Inspiron owner, I suggest that you buy an IBM. They rule.
Link Posted: 1/14/2002 6:31:43 PM EST
DO NOT BUY A SONY!! i have had nothing but problems with mine after many a hour on a hold i finnaly got the bastards to send me a box to send it back to now i am waiting to get it back hopefully it will work this time!
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