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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 9/9/2005 10:12:06 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/9/2005 10:14:36 AM EDT by WildBoar]
I think the gun banners are gonna win one day. Why? Because the most effective tool they have is the apathetic gun owner and the gun owner doesnt care.

Lame excuses I hear.

1. I should not have to pay an annual fee for my rights to be defended.
- True. One should not have to pay anyone to defend their rights as the government should rememebr its place. Unfortunately we are under attack from the enemy within, an enemy that does nothing for your constitutional rights. Sure you can sit on your hands and think that just by owning a firearms and visiting the range will keep your rights preserved, but this is reality. I thought only gun grabbing liberals lived in a fantasy word. Guess not.

2. They (insert org here) are only for hunters and old people or whatever. Most orgs reflecet their membership, you cannot expect an org to reflect you views when yo arent even a member. Should I not send the JPFO money because I am not a Jew?

3. I dont want to be put on a "list". I hear this sometimes.
Please take of the friggin foil for a moment. A "list" ? you are worried you will be marked for a death camp or be on a confiscation list? The founding fathers took a bigger risk than just being on a list. If we keep on doing what we have been doing, they wont need a list, your neighbors will gladly cheer on the troops as they disarm you, a "domestic enemy"

4. I belong to another RKBA org already.
Awesome. But why only one? Why just that one? Does it have the political clout in washington you need? No ? Maybe? Well I wont say cancel your membership, far from it, but I would encourage you to join one that has a history of being able to influence DC. Have problems with that? See #1 and #2 Why just have one org reflect your passion for your rights. Why not 3 or more? Why just a few hundred thousand voives? Why just 4 million? Why not 20, 40 or 60 million voices?

If we keep on bichin and crying, we become the biggest tool against our very rights. I ahve heard many more lame excuses but I bet they are borne out of a petty cheapskate entitlement minded thought process, much like liberals.

Not in the NRA? Quit yer crying and join, they can do great things, especially if they have the numbers.
Not in the GOA? Pony up and get them the numbers they need to be seen in DC
Not in the JPFO? same thing.

If all the RKBA orgs truly reflected the gun owners in this country in terms of numbers. The gun grabbers will have a hell of a time. I urge evryone here to quit their friggin bellyachin and join at least thses three orgs. If thsdes 3 had the numebrs of even 20 million, the gun grabbers would be crapping themselves daily.

But from what I have seen here on this great gun board. Is a bunch of apathetic liberals wearing pro RKBA t shirts. I am getting physically sick just thinking about it. We are giung to lose. There is NO DOUBT in my mind the grabbers will win if we keep it up.

Its time for the excuses to stop.
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