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Posted: 6/1/2001 7:52:13 PM EDT
I've supported the NRA for many years, but have been highly irrated of late of how they continue to take our money, but never appear on mainstream media to talk about our causes. Last night I was watching Paula Zahn on Fox and Wayne LaPierre spoke out about the McCain-Feingold proposal to take legal action towards anyone who spoke out against politicians within 60 days of an election. LaPierre stated that the proposal violated the 1st Amendment and that the NRA would take it to the Supreme Court if they had to. When asked about the motivation for this, his stated that it is our civic duty to right wrongs of this type and that he represented all of the citizens in the US that legally own firearms and also support this cause. I finally regained my faith in the NRA leadership again. I hope to see Wayne and Charlton on CNN, ABC, CBS and NBC walking the talk! I was also happy to know that Forbes magazine rates the NRA as the largest and most powerful lobbying organization in the US. We've got to make this count for something and I hope that our NRA directorship steps into the light and shows special interest groups what the people really want from their government!
Link Posted: 6/1/2001 8:33:18 PM EDT
What the hell is wrong with this McCain guy? I've never liked him much anyway but it's obvious this man is greedy for power and that's a very bad thing! Maybe he belongs in the British Parliment. Or, needs to brush up on his history reading.
Link Posted: 6/1/2001 9:33:38 PM EDT
I have decided the beatings McCain got while a prisoner in Nam have finally effected his thinking. Or maybe he is still mad about the Keating Five Financial mess. Or maybe he is still mad because he didn't get elected Prsident. Or maybe he is still mad becaue Jeffords stole the media limelight form him. Or maybe he is stll mad because .............he is a Democrap in Reps clothing.
Link Posted: 6/1/2001 9:38:08 PM EDT
The NRA doesn't make it to mainstream TV interviews for one reason only, and that's because the VAST MAJORITY of networks are owned by militant democRats, and they don't invite the NRA to talk about anything. Why do you think they have to buy time on the Outdoor Network to promote themselves? The friggin' media has banished them.
Link Posted: 6/2/2001 5:32:10 AM EDT
Link Posted: 6/2/2001 3:44:44 PM EDT
I PRAY Tom Selleck someday will be the NRA Prez. Now there is a man who truly knows the meaning of the 2nd(Tyranny). Last time I saw Ol' Ckuck speak it sounded as if he had Alzeimers.
Link Posted: 6/2/2001 3:59:07 PM EDT
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