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11/20/2019 5:07:11 PM
Posted: 10/30/2004 1:13:33 PM EST
Yes, perennial presidential candidate Lyndon LaRouche is back in the spotlight... but this time, he's supporting sKerry.

OK, let's be more specific... he's anti-Bush.

I was going into the Post Office the other day, and saw a bunch of sterotypical liberals (so I thought), gathered around a card table loaded with fliers and pamphlets, and wearing sandwich boards with "Bush=Dracula"; "no jobs; no flu shots" and other mumbo jumbo. On the way out with my daughter, I made it past the long haired, bearded fanatic, and almost to the truck, when I was approached by a "nervous librarian" type (graying frizzy hair, little horn rim glasses, moving-all-the-time style hyperactivity).

While the discussion started about the flu vaccine shortage and why domestic production isn't (which, thanks to others, I now understand more of - thanks to Hillary Clinton and suggested government price controls). She went on with how the companies stopped making it because it wasn't profitable (GASP! A private company basing an action on profit? How dare they! ) , and how the W administation knew about this shortage 2 years ago. (interesting, of course, since each flu vaccination is based on the three strains that are prevalent earlier in each year of production...)

The conversation wandered around and touched on the IMF and how the "unrepayable" loans were killing kids in Argentina, how W's plan to allow individuals to opt out of mandatory Social Security participation was a "euphimism" for giving his buddies in the banking industry our hard earned savings, how the global economy was on the verge of a collapse greater than 1929 ("... Jan '05 if W is re-elected" according to her), how only the top 20% richest Americans have health care, and how America will collapse due to a lack of infrastructure maintenance and development. (whew!)

Oddly enough, she couldn't tell me LaRouche's stand on gun control ("He's not running for president") but she emphasized how supportive of sKerry LLaR was. She told me about how HMO's (and of course greedy insurance companies) had driven many hospitals out of business, and that the country needed to go back to FDR's act concerning hospital beds per capita (subsidized by Uncle, of course). She couldn't respond to my argument to her map of decreased hospital beds corresponding to a demographic illustration depicting the influx of illegal aliens and unrecovered health care costs, or my counter that insurance companies and hospitals were often responding to decreasing reimbursement from federal sources for care provided.

She offered me a stack of "truth about the flu vaccine shortage" fliers. I told her I couldn't pass them out at work, and that if she wanted to, she could call the Chief and ask. She replied "Well, I will, but it would be so much easier if you would do it".

I finally took some literature, realizing that it costs them money to produce this dreck, and I should help the cause and run up their tab. I also thought that she was going to stroke out she was so worked up (and I really didn't want to lift a finger to help this wack job)

More "well meaning dictators" intent on having the working man pay more money so they can tell us what to do... all in support of sKerry.
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