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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 9/20/2002 3:09:28 AM EST
Got this alert this morning... LA City Proposal to ban .50 BMG Fifty Caliber Shooters Policy Institute working for you! Dear Duncan, FCSPI wants to notify everyone who live in CA that the city of Los Angeles is moving ahead to ban the .50 BMG in the city of Los Angeles by ordinance. A proposal (motion) has already been sent to the city attorney asking him to draft an ordinance within 15 days to meet these needs. The proposal was signed by 7 members of the Los Angeles city council and was submitted by councilman Mark Ridley-Thomas. The motion was a draft from right out of the latest diatribe by the Violence Policy Center (VPC) in Washington, DC. This is the same group we had to fight in Sacramento, CA earlier this year on the same issue. My assessment of the situation in Los Angeles is that it has the earmarks of a "done deal" and that it was 'slammed' through the council without the benefit of a hearing or discussion. More of the same kind of cheap politics we continue to see from the anti-gun politicians in CA. FCSPI is working closely with NRA and CRPA on the issue, but we are now behind the power curve to stop this thing. As usual we were not given any kind of opportunity to bring this up in a forum for a legitimate discussion. At this time, this information is just to make you all aware of what is happening. The long term significance cannot be underestimated. What we are seeing here are the liberal Democrats who are already predicting a landslide election in CA in November starting to gear up to accomplish their agenda next year. I cannot tell you in strong enough terms how concerned we should be if we don't make an effort to win in November. We will post more info when we have it. We thank everyone for the support they have shown. John Burtt FCSPI Email Alert Check The FCSPI Web Page For More Info -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- FCSPI PO Box 8499 Moreno Valley, CA 92552-8499 Phone: (909) 653-5447 Fax: (909) 653-8807 Web site: [url]http://www.fcspi.org[/url] E-mail: jb50bmg@earthlink.net
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 3:19:24 AM EST
it's gonna suck the big one if .50 cal gets banned.
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 6:13:42 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/20/2002 8:20:02 AM EST by Llamadong]
What's wrong with that? Everyone knows that every crip and blood has a Barrett B82A1! [rolleyes]
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 8:16:16 AM EST
[Last Edit: 9/20/2002 8:18:04 AM EST by edpmedic]
And you sound surprised..All the hype about 50's lately we know what the next target is. I hope to have one before it reaches me. Then I hope they allow me to keep it. I have a funny feeling the NRA is not going to do squat about this. Armalite and Barret here I come.
Link Posted: 9/20/2002 8:25:35 AM EST
Originally Posted By edpmedic: I have a funny feeling the NRA is not going to do squat about this.
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Link Posted: 9/20/2002 8:51:25 AM EST
Just a bunch of crazed ignorant monkey shit pack of no good hypocritacal mutha fvckers. How many gaddamed crimes are they going to prevent by banning .50s, gimme a freaking break!!![50] I cannot [b]EVER[/B] remember hearing about a crime in which a .50 was used. This will have zero impact on anything but yanking the rug out from under us and turning law abiding citizens into common criminals. Why don't they go back to doing something usefull over there like chipping that whole state off of the rest of the continent and letting it fall into the Pacific![soapbox]
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