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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 6/10/2003 6:27:03 PM EST
I know that the LAPD has had a long relationship with Beretta. I am hearing and reading that the LAPD is switching to the Glock 21 .45 ACP. Anyone else hearing/reading this? Can anyone confirm? This is where I got it from: http://www.glocktalk.com/showthread.php?s=f5ae11f36d2fc6a6836d03e461b6a92a&threadid=162220 Beretta is running second to Glock on Department issued guns. Will the loss of the LAPD contract hurt them? Also, I am hearing from some military buddies of mine that the Beretta did not do that well in Afgan. There is talk that the military is wanting a change. Anyone heard this? Just curios. Thanks for any replies.
Link Posted: 6/10/2003 8:41:09 PM EST
LAPD just bought a bunch of Kimber's. I heard they allowed .45s, but my understanding was it had to have a manual safety.
Link Posted: 6/11/2003 12:13:28 AM EST
Originally Posted By Combat_Jack: LAPD just bought a bunch of Kimber's. I heard they allowed .45s, but my understanding was it had to have a manual safety.
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The Kimbers were for SWAT. To the best of my knowledge patrol gets the choice of S&W 9mm or .45, or Beretta 92F 9mm, all carried off-safe.
Link Posted: 6/11/2003 2:19:07 AM EST
Glock made a large order of 21s several years back with manual safeties for a South American military order (I think it was the Brazilian Army) so it isn't like there is no precedent or that it can't be done. I do question using the Glock 21 as a general issue duty weapon, and before anyone turns on the flames of discontent, I'll add that I carried one as a duty (and frequently and off-duty, which is no small trick, since the think is the size of a small sledgehammer) for four years, and would probably still be carrying it if we hadn't gone to issued SIG P229s. The Glock 21 is simply too big for many people's hands, particularly women, but for many men, too. A general issue pistol to a large LE agency (or a small one) or even to most military organizations has to be able to be used by pretty much every potential trigger-puller in the organization. The Glock 21 is too big (though not the 22, 23, 17 and 19). That, I think, is why the .40 has enjoyed so much popularity in LE since the almost first round of "disapointment" with the wondernines. The .40 gives an adequate amount of power, and good portion of the .45's effectiveness, while allowing the use of 9mm-sized frames, which keeps the weapon accessible. Add on the fact that most .40s can be used with Simunitions (a proprietary 9mm training round used with special barrels and either the "normal" magazines or 9mm mags), and .40 is a much wiser choice for adminstrators who have to purchase a weapon that can be used by both the hulking 6'6" behemoth and the petite 4'11" officer. And LAPD REQUIRES an manual safety? This seems really outmoded (though I wouldn't be too surprised). DO they require officers to carry with their safeties set? The standard for DA autos in the indusry is to basically treat the weapon like a revolver for the first shot, with the safety off with fast presentation. Oh weel, at least they are better off than the last bunch of MPs I ran into, who aren't even allowed to have a round chambered and only have ONE spare magazine, loaded with 10 rounds.
Link Posted: 6/11/2003 6:37:50 AM EST
What's up guys? I just got in from night watch(LAPD West Valley Div). LAPD is not switching to Glocks. Glocks were authorized by the Dept just like S&W. Recruits will still be issued the 92F. If an Ofcr wants to carry a Glock or S&W he has to purchase it himself. No we do not carry our weapons w/ the decocker down. LA Co Sheriff Deputies do.
Link Posted: 6/11/2003 7:49:26 AM EST
Link Posted: 6/11/2003 10:08:55 AM EST
Thanks for the 1st person clarification Adam.
Link Posted: 6/11/2003 1:57:53 PM EST
Just for note, Beretta problems in the military are a direct magazine problem, which they've been trying to lick for over a year now. When we were activated after 9/11 we were issued 66 brand new Berettas plus 4 magazines apiece along with a caseload of extra mags. Every mag was unusable. When we told higher about it, they gave us even more unusable mags. (up to 10 per pistol now) Most you couldn't even load. During qualification it was so bad I brought all mine from home so we could get some people thru the course of fire. With reliable mags we had zero problems with brand new pistols. The problem was the Parkerizing. The stuff was so thick the follower would jam in the mag body, to the point of needing to be tapped out with a brass rod. Dremels with a steel brush, a double handful of polishing wheels and a light coat of CLP solved the problem for us. Took 4 guys two days of work. I believe anyone having problems in theater with his pistol did not address this issue, and I have yet to see a MOD letter about it.
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