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9/17/2020 5:59:48 PM
Posted: 4/15/2006 3:31:13 PM EDT
Just wondering if anyone has a 60" or 72" diesel? Pro and cons? Gotta buy a new mower and never had a 0 turn. Any help appreciated.
Link Posted: 4/15/2006 3:36:59 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 4/15/2006 3:40:36 PM EDT by Journier]
i have the kubota 60"

28 horsepower. diesel.

bought it last year brand new :) so far the thing is very nice.

it gets very nice fuel efficiency?, a tank full will do my 5 acres of yard 3 times.

when i first started mowing my back area i used a Demo Kubota diesel same as the one i bought except it wasnt as new, 28 horsepower etc.

it mowed down 3-4 foot tall weed's etc in 1 pass with nearly NO engine slow down.

positive list,

Fuel use

easy to maintain/ clean

power :"_)

damn bar that stands up in the air its a roll over bar , really makes it annoying to mow around tree's, always nail it on tree's etc.

the cost is sorta  a negative.

Link Posted: 4/15/2006 4:12:27 PM EDT
I personally have a Dixie Chopper, however my boss has a 60" ZTR Kubota with the diesel engine. I think he paid around $11,000 for it. I like it, seems very durable and cuts very good. He has about 5 acres to mow and it usually takes him about 2-2.5 hrs. He is very picky with his yard, I think he could cut down on his time a little bit. But then again, I bought my DC for my father and I, we live next to each other. It takes him about 45mins to mow 2 acres.
Link Posted: 4/15/2006 4:18:21 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 4/15/2006 4:19:08 PM EDT by jmarkma]
They are very well built but the SCAG has a better built deck and has easier maitenance. Kubota has an edge with the engine. I would consider Kubota and SCAG the top makers of zero turn mowers, look around and form your own opinion though.
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