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Posted: 9/17/2004 10:37:52 AM EDT

Very intersting, to say the least:

Some excerpts:

Detective Loya: OK. Where was her tattoo on her?
Bryant: Um, she had one on her ankle and she said she had one on her back and said it had notes.
Detective Winters: Okay.
Detective Loya: Okay. Did you see the one on her back?
Bryant: Um, yes she showed me.
Detective Loya: How did she show you?
Bryant: She had like a strap or whatever and she like lowered it. I told her to turn around and she lowered it and she showed me.
Detective Winters: Okay, all right um, did anything happen in the room?
Bryant: Like what?
Detective Loya: Uh, did you guys hug or kiss?
Detective Winters: Kiss or hug?
Bryant: No.
Detective Winters: Okay. Um. I’ll be blunt and ask you. Did you have sexual intercourse with her?
Bryant: No.
Detective Winters: Okay. Uh, what, okay, Kobe here’s, here’s what I’d like to do okay. Um, yet there is an allegation that it was an unconsensual intercourse that occurred last night, okay. All right. Hang on, okay, hang on, I understand you have every right to be upset, okay, but you know, I’m giving you an opportunity to tell the truth if something did happen, because I’m gonna tell you now, um, we’re gonna find out.
Bryant: So, what, what ...?
Detective Winters: She, she submitted to, she submitted to an exam. Okay.
Bryant: OK, so now what happens. Okay listen ...
Detective Winters: Well, what we want ...
Detective Loya: Let us, let him explain everything first ..
Detective Winters: Let me explain to you, okay.
Detective Loya: ... and then we’ll answer your questions Mr. Bryant.
Bryant: Okay.
Detective Winters: Okay, well, what I’d like ...
Bryant: Is there any way I can settle this whatever it is, I mean ... ?

* * *

Detective Loya: She consented to an exam.
Bryant: Okay.
Detective Loya: Okay. We received blood, pubic hair ...
Bryant: Okay.
Detective Loya: Semen.
Bryant: Okay, okay.
Detective Loya: All that.
Detective Winters: We’ve got physical evidence.
Bryant: Okay.
Detective Loya: Let me finish, okay. Let me finish. Let me finish okay. So, be straight up with me Kobe.
Detective Winters: We just want you to be straight up.
Bryant: (Inaudible), now, but listen, but listen.
Detective Loya: Listen to me first okay. Let me, let me explain it to you first okay. So is there any reason why any of your pubic hair ...?
Bryant: Well, I’m gonna tell you um, fellas ...
Detective Loya: Just be straight up, we’re not gonna tell your wife or anything like that. Did you have sexual intercourse with her?
Bryant: Uh, this is what I need to know because uh I did have sexual intercourse with her. Cause I was (inaudible whisper).
Detective Winters: And I understand.
Detective Loya: Okay, was it consensual?
Bryant: It was totally consensual.
Detective Loya: What makes you believe, what makes you believe it was consensual?
Bryant: Cause she started kissing me, (inaudible) then she bent over and (inaudible).
Detective Loya: Did she tell you, did she ...?
Detective Winters: All right. Okay, hang on, hang on. Okay. So what you are saying is ... tell me, tell me ...
Bryant: And on top of that, and on top of that, and on top of that she said I shouldn’t be messing around (inaudible), no sooner (inaudible).
Detective Winters: All right. Tell me, tell me how, tell me, tell me what happened, tell me how it all came about.
Detective Loya: From the get-go.
Bryant: Um, we walked around, went to the room, started talking, she showed me the bedroom by the back (inaudible). I said actually I’d like to go swimming in the pool, I said I ain’t going by myself out there, you’re ... crazy (laughter with the officers) crazy I ain’t going. ...
Detective Winters: (Laughter) Sure.
Bryant: She said well I have the key, I have to open it up if you want or whatever, I asked if she had any tattoos and she said yeah I have one on my back. And I said um, well can I see it, she’s like well I might have to show my ... if I show it to you but she’s like well maybe I’ll do that anyway and I’m like okay (inaudible) you know what I mean, and she gets up to leave or whatever and um, I said do me a favor um, I might want to go swimming and um, I might have my guys go swimming cause they’re under restrictive order. (Inaudible) come back (inaudible) or whatever and uh she’s like all right cool, cool, cool. We were still only this close and she gets up and she gives me a kiss so I kiss her back and then you know I started caressing her or whatever and then she puts her hand on my you know my thing or whatever and it kinda goes from there.
Detective Winters: What do you mean it goes from there?
Bryant: It went from there, like, for example there was no ...
Detective Winters: Did you ask her, did you ask her, to give, um for her to give you a hug before she was here (inaudible) earlier?
Bryant: To do what?
Detective Winters: That you wanted a hug from her before, after she had got done giving you the tour. Or when, when did the hugging incident come up?
Bryant: I don’t know.
Detective Winters: Yeah, did she ask you to give, did you ask her to give you a hug?
Bryant: We stood there and you know I pretty much (inaudible) like I don’t know, I might have hugged you all, like, when you came up to me, and I’d be like a hug, you know what I mean.
Detective Loya: Was just a friendly gesture?
Bryant: Right. I mean it looked like this, like OK, all right ... whatever ... you know ... she kissed me (inaudible).
Detective Winters: And I, and I don’t disagree that any of that happened, okay. I do not disagree with it that any of that happened, okay.
Bryant: (Inaudible)
Detective Winters: ... okay, hear me out, okay. Um, it’s possible that at some point that she may have told you no, I don’t want to do this, yeah you know, maybe she did lead you on a little bit and she kissed you and then she said, and then she said now, I don’t want to do ths, I don’t want this to happen. Okay.
Bryant: (Inaudible) if she said that, I stopped, nope. No semen, no nothing.
Detective Winters: Did you finish?
Bryant: No.
Detective Loya: Well there’s always pre-ejaculation are you aware of that?
Bryant: Are you kidding me?
Detective Winters: Well ...
Detective Loya: I’m not kidding you, it’s, they teach you that in seventh grade sex ed.
Bryant: We stopped cold. (Inaudible).

* * *

Detective Loya: During that time did she ever say anything to you? Did she scream no stop I don’t wanna do it?
Detective Winters: What was she saying?
Detective Loya: The best thing is to be straight up Kobe. That way we can resolve it.
Bryant: Okay. I’m thinking, I’m thinking. (Pause) I’m trying to think of the conversation we had (inaudible).
Detective Winters: Well okay.
Detective Loya: Did you ever have her from the back of her head or her neck? Were you ... ? What kind of intercourse was it?
Bryant: (inaudible) held her from the back? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Detective Loya: Yeah.
(Lots of voices talking over.)
Bryant: (Inaudible). All right um ... (inaudible)
Detective Loya: I don’t want you to demonstrate.
Bryant: I held her from the back and I went like this.
Detective Loya: So what did you have around her neck?
Bryant: I had my right hand like this and my other hand like that.
Detective Winters: Okay.
Detective Loya: Okay.
Bryant: But ... (inaudible).
Detective Loya: How hard were you holding her?
Detective Winters: OK, all right.
Bryant: I don’t know. My hands are strong. I don’t know.
Detective Winters: Where did this take place at? Where did this take place in the room?
Bryant: Um, right in the front room. Right in the front room.
Detective Winters: Where was she bent over at?
Bryant: There’s um, a little um, chair, like a cushion where you sit down, and she had her leg up, she bent herself over like this.
Detective Loya: Where were her hands, what were her hands holding up on?
Bryant: On the um, I assume over the, over the back of the chair.
Detective Loya: Okay. Did she, did you get any blood on you or anything like that?
Bryant: She didn’t bleed, did she?
Detective Loya: Yeah, she had, she had a lot of bleeding.
Bryant: You’ve got to be kidding, from where?
Detective Loya: From her vaginal area.
Bryant: Did she cut herself or something, there’s no blood on me whatsoever man, matter of fact, I still have the boxers (inaudible) boxers, they’re all white, there’s nothing on them. ...
Detective Winters: Is it okay if we take those, I means it’s just gonna ... ?
Bryant: All right, all right, can I ask you a question though?
Detective Winters: I’ll let you ask some questions.
Bryant: I do not want it to get to the media.
Detective Winters: We don’t either.
Detective Loya: That’s why we’re here at this time of night.
Bryant: So how could that happen?
Detective Winters: And we’re doing everything we can to try to avoid this going out publicly. We’re working on that okay. I, I don’t know the answer to that right now okay, I can’t promise you anything. I wish I could but I can’t. Unfortunately it doesn’t work that way in our line of work, okay?
Detective Loya: Hey Kobe, have you ever had any of these allegations made against you before?
Bryant: No. Are you kidding me?
Detective Loya: No?
Bryant: Never, I like, I treat everybody with the utmost respect, absolutely nothing. ...
Detective Winters: Huh, actually we’ll be done here in a little while (talking to someone outside the room so ...
Detective Loya: Just hang tight to that other guy.
Bryant: (Inaudible).
Detective Winters: I mean is it possible that at some point she could have told you no and you didn’t quite hear her?
Bryant: No, absolutely not, absolutely not.
Detective Winters: Did you ever make the allegation that you like Vail Colorado when you were having sex with her?
Bryant: No.
Detective Loya: Did you ever ask her if you wanted, if you could ...
Bryant: Yes. That’s when she said no. That’s when she said no. That’s when she said no.
Detective Loya: So what did, what did you say?
Detective Winters: What did you say, how did that, how did that come about?
Bryant: Um, you know, that’s when I asked if I could ..., she said no.
Detective Loya: So you like to ... ?
Bryant: That’s my thing, not always, I mean, so I stopped. Jesus Christ man. (Inaudible).
Detective Winters: So how was this, how was this consensual, I mean, wha, wha, explain to me how this was consensual.
Bryant: It sounds pretty ... crazy to me. (Inaudible) and all that.
Detective Winters: Well no, no, no, no explain to me how you think this was consensual?
Bryant: How was it not, I mean she, we ...
Detective Winters: You mutually kissed there’s no question about that.
Bryant: We mutually kissed.
Detective Winters: Did you start ...?
Bryant: She bent herself over ...
Detective Winters: No, no, no, no. Okay, let me back up to the kissing, okay, at the kissing point okay, did anything escalate at that point, foreplay type issues, you know what I’m grabbing?
Bryant: Yeah, yeah, sure, sure, sure, sure. No she put her hand on my penis and that’s it, and then she started playing with that (inaudible).
Detective Winters: Okay. Okay. Um, did she give you oral sex or anything like that?
Bryant: Yes, she did.
Detective Winters: She did?
Bryant: She did.
Detective Winters: For how, when did that happen?
Bryant: For like 5 seconds. I said um, give me a blow job, um, and then (inaudible) kiss it (inaudible) she gave me a blow job.
Detective Loya: So the blow job lasted about 5 seconds.
Bryant: Yeah it was quick.

* * *

Link Posted: 9/17/2004 10:41:23 AM EDT

Bryant: No it’s just um, we did a lot of research and found out that these guys are the best.
Detective Winters: Have you been keeping it because I haven’t heard anything really about it.
Bryant: Yeah, we’re trying to keep it quiet, (inaudible) my shoulder operated on.
Detective Winters: You gonna be ready for the season?
Bryant: I don’t know man, I don’t even know if I’ll be able to play this season with this ... going on. If it becomes public I’ll lose my wife. ...
Detective Loya: How long have you been married?
Bryant: ... and all my endorsements.
Detective Loya: How long have you been married?
Bryant: Two years. My wife and daughter, them mean everything man, everything man, up an until now (inaudible).
Detective Loya: Well, did you think about that before what you were doing though? It’s a chance you take when you play.
Bryant: It was consensual, there was nothing weird you know what I mean.
Detective Winters: Did she say anything to do to provoke any of this to happen?
(Elevator door ringing.)
Bryant: She said she wanted to, you know, she hoped that I would ... her.
Detective Winters: When did she say that?
Bryant: I’m trying to think how it came about, how ...
Detective Winters: Is that your stuff?
Bryant: Yeah that’s mine. I can’t believe this girl. What does she want from me?
Detective Loya: Do you want me to carry those for you Kobe?
Bryant: Yeah. What does she want, what does she want?
Detective Winters: I don’t think she wants anything.
Bryant: Are you kidding me?
Detective Loya: What are you willing to give her?
Bryant: She has to want, she has to want something (inaudible) she has to want something.
Detective Winters: What do you mean she has to want something? I don’t understand.
Bryant: She has to have a, she has to have a motive, to do, she has to have a motive to do this.
Detective Winters: What would be, what do you think her motive is then?
Detective Loya: Are you willing to pay that if she is?
Bryant; I got to. I got to. I’m in the worst ... situation.

Link Posted: 9/17/2004 10:47:09 AM EDT
Wow. Can you say, "railroad?"
Link Posted: 9/17/2004 10:50:08 AM EDT
[Last Edit: 9/17/2004 11:05:23 AM EDT by guardian855]

Originally Posted By GonzoAR15-1:
More....Detective Loya: How long have you been married?
Bryant: Two years. My wife and daughter, them mean everything man, everything man, up an until now (inaudible).

This coming from the guy who just admitted he tried to have anal sex with an almost complete stranger but had to settle for just regular sex. Yeah, way to care for your wife and daughter Kobe.
Link Posted: 9/17/2004 11:01:19 AM EDT
scumbag. i hate kobe bryant.
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