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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 4/17/2002 4:06:28 PM EST
Well its been done before but here you go! 4 minutes of explosions, tracers, and machineguns. it is a big file, but well worth it. this is a highlights video of the knob creek machinegun shoot from april 13 2002. this is just a short edit version, highlighting what we thought to be more memorable, so those of you who want to can see some of the mayhem!!!! this event is a blast and we recommend attending. for info on the shoot go to www.machinegunshoot.com filmed by rory benson and cory bach edited by rory benson any questions or problems contact rory at: [email]malfunctionproductions@hotmail.com[/email] [URL]www.malfunctionproductions.com/knobcreekvideo/[/URL] directions: go to www.malfunctionproductions.com/knobcreekvideo/ right click on the link knobcreekhighlights.avi save target as save to your computer. this is an avi so windows media player should play it. if you are having problems playing the file use the divx player found at [url]www.divx.com/divx[/url]
Link Posted: 4/17/2002 4:21:48 PM EST
[Last Edit: 4/17/2002 4:38:59 PM EST by toaster]
Good God!!! What a fun looking event!! Miniguns!!![}:D]
Link Posted: 4/17/2002 4:37:01 PM EST
Ok must be a server issue, when I followed those instructions it said "getting file information" and didn't go any further. And I really wanted to see that, too...
Link Posted: 4/17/2002 5:15:31 PM EST
Sucking it down now at over 100k. 5 minutes and waiting...
Link Posted: 4/17/2002 5:35:33 PM EST
Holy Mother F*cking God. [:D] You sure can hear when the minigun lets loose. You can also SEE When it lets loose. One continuous light beam. Makes me proud!!! Great video job, even with all those people around ya. IF I had only won the Big Game, I'd have a minigun on the way to my house! [:D]
Link Posted: 4/17/2002 5:47:46 PM EST
Originally Posted By toaster: Good God!!! What a fun looking event!! Miniguns!!![}:D]
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Toaster, move on out to a free state. We got room here for good folks. [:)]
Link Posted: 4/17/2002 5:50:27 PM EST
Link Posted: 4/17/2002 6:09:39 PM EST
AHHH! I can't wait to get a cable modem. Only a few weeks. Ill have to check it out at my friends house tomorrow.
Link Posted: 4/17/2002 6:10:00 PM EST
I sure am glad I went to a cable connection now after waiting 4 minutes for it to download [:)] The minigun is pretty cool. I'm saving up now for my first trip to the crick. See yall there in the fall! [uzi]
Link Posted: 4/17/2002 9:01:08 PM EST
That rocks! I hope to go this fall. I hear that they don't always do the night shoot in the fall because it can be too dry. I hope that isn't the case when I get down there. Gotta love a minigun! [heavy]
Link Posted: 4/17/2002 9:48:20 PM EST
See ya in the fall.
Link Posted: 4/17/2002 10:12:21 PM EST
Knob Creek? Wear the fox hat?
Link Posted: 4/17/2002 10:34:38 PM EST
WOW. Gotta get me one of those... [^]
Link Posted: 4/18/2002 6:39:07 PM EST
WOW! That is awesome. The solid stream of tracers from the Mini at night was something to see. I can only imagine seeing it in person. Hopefully I will in the next few years.
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