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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/29/2003 10:23:56 AM EST
[url=www.sierratimes.com/03/05/29/whacknstack.htm]Kill the Unarmed; No Questions Asked[/url] Report By J.J. Johnson New York City - Maybe it's the heat. Perhaps the Internal Affairs Department of the NYPD needs something to do. Or maybe this cop was just bored. Whatever the reason, another person decided to have himself killed by a man with a badge. A whack & stack indeed. Last Friday, Staten Island Police raided two rooms in a storage facility in Chelsea. According to the Commish - Ray Kelly, the take down was over a compact disc counterfeiting operation. Fair enough. At the other end of reality, Ousmane Zango, an African Immigrant who repaired sculptures and drums imported from Africa, decided to visit his cramped improvised studio around the same time. Zango's connection to the raid: Zip Number of weapons in Zango's possession: Zero Zango's criminal record: Nada All the more reason he should die. It's "African Season", ya know. And there's a fresh whack & stack in this town that hasn't even left the morgue yet. Usually, murder suspects are named immediately, but we can't do that here - him being part of that thin blue line and all. Whoever the shooter was, someone decided to leave the plain clothes officer to guard some bootleg CD' s just down the hall from Zango's pad. Apparently, guarding bootleg CD's can get quite boring, and there's nothing better to break such boredom than blowing someone away. So, the plain clothes officer went after his prey. Five bullet rounds later, Ousmane Zango lay whacked on the floor. The official reason: Well, we don't have one. He just chased him down and shot him. The shooter in question did state that for some reason, Zango reached for his gun. Makes perfect sense, doesn't it? The Medical Examiner's office reported that Zango had two bullets enter the front of his body and exited the rear. One entered from the back and exited through the front of his body. And one bullet grazed his hand. Normally, cases like these wouldn't even make it on the radar screen in the Big Apple, but the reader will recall we mention that Zango was an African Immigrant (read: a black person). This gets the anti-whack & stack machine rolling against New York City's Finest. While not resorting to anarchy at this time, the whole incident reminded many people of a classic whack & stack of an African Immigrant 3 years ago. Amadou Diallo tried to shoot 4 police officers with his wallet (according to police), and that fatal mistake cost him 41 high-speed projectiles, and the privilege of breathing on this planet. Not to worry. After the long investigation, it was deemed a "good shoot". Needless to say, the natives did get a bit restless over the whole thing. Class is in session: You have the whack above. But with no criminal record, no weapon found, and no real reason for Zango to get whacked, the 'stack' becomes difficult here. Read this carefully, as there will be a test on this tomorrow: When killing an unarmed black person, always use the threat of upheaval in the community. This usually scares the heck out of the white people - making most folks forget that an innocent person was off'ed. So, send the media out to gauge the reaction. Get a few quotes from the likes of Al Sharpton - guaranteed to piss off any non-black person. Wonder if they ever call Sharpton after a white person is killed by police, or for that matter - killed period? Of course, we weren't there, and cops never lie. The Commish made mention that there were no video cameras where the shooting took place. The area was immediately cordoned off after the shooting, in case some other unarmed person decided to reach for some other officer's gun - obviously. If you are reading this wondering if the shooting officer is in custody, the answer is no. In fact, at the time of this writing, the shooter hasn't even been questioned. But thou shallt not pass judgment on this fine officer. After all, we must put ourselves in their shoes, and understand things from their viewpoint. But, any civilian under the same circumstances would have been immediately charged with first degree murder, discharging a weapon within the city limits, and heaven forbid if he didn't have a license for that firearm. And that line about "He was reaching for my gun?" Tell it to your loy-ya. So let 's not put a civilian in this officer's shoes. Perhaps the surviving family of Ousmane Zango should sue the gun manufacturer.
Link Posted: 5/29/2003 10:42:14 AM EST
I thought you were supposed to be sarcastic.
Link Posted: 5/29/2003 11:23:11 AM EST
Now if that had occurred in Cincinnati, we'd be under siege right now. Full tilt civil disturbance. Blood in the streets.
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