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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 3/27/2006 1:42:50 PM EST
After the "big news" last week of how VP Cheney required special M&M's, etc., it is funny that now Sen. Kerry and his wife are more picky! Wonder how many news organizations that made such a news story of the other revelation will follow up with this?
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John Kerry Hates Celery!
During 2004 tour, Democrat and wife were more demanding than Dick

MARCH 27--In the spirit of bipartisanship, The Smoking Gun today extends our review of political tour riders across the aisle to examine Senator John Kerry, whose list of demands (and that of his wife) makes Sprite-lovin' Vice President Dick Cheney look like a travelin' rube. The riders for Kerry and Teresa Heinz Kerry were compiled during the last presidential campaign and were circulated by the Democratic candidate's advance team, a member of which provided them to TSG. The documents (one is actually labeled "Confidential") detail Kerry's food favorites and drop the bombshell that the Massachusetts senator "hates celery." Oddly, Kerry avoids all things tomato, the fruit behind his wife's nine-figure ketchup fortune. His hotel rider notes that the "phone and the ability to order movies in suite should always be turned on and ready to go for JK's arrival," things that make him "very happy." The more detailed rider, of course, belongs to the politician's spouse, who likes celery and snoozing on a "Heavenly Bed" in a Starwood hotel that has "good air circulation." She also digs flax bread, stone crabs, peanut power butter, filet mignon with veggies, and bottled water apparently run through a "reverse osmosis filter." Why are we not surprised? (4 pages)
Updated: 05:31 PM EST
Sen. Kerry More Demanding Than Cheney

WASHINGTON (March 27) - While on the presidential trail in 2004, Sen. John Kerry earned a reputation as an elitist. But is he choosier than Vice President Dick Cheney?

According to documents unveiled by an investigative Web site, the answer seems to be a simple yes. The Massachusetts Democrat and his wife, Theresa Heinz Kerry, adore Caesar salads and stone crab, but John Kerry doesn't want anything to do with celery or Evian bottled water.

And even though his wife is an heir to Heinz food company fortune, the travel rider reveals that Kerry didn't want anything to do with tomatoes.

The duo's four pages of travel and hotel needs — posted Monday by The Smoking Gun following last week's posting of a relatively meager travel rider for the Vice President — list dozens of meal preferences and room specifications.

Like most other celebrities and politicians, the Kerrys have specific desires — some standard, some quirky.

The Kerrys' list includes vitamin waters and peanut butter (Skippy creamy) on the bus and in the hotel, boost "weight maintenance" drinks, a recumbent bicycle (a note from Kerry's scheduling director reads: Kerry "would prefer a recumbent bike these days" rather than an upright stationary bicycle), milano cookies, down pillows, and television with "ability to order movies in-suite"

Who Needs What?

Dick Cheney John Kerry
- Brewed decaf coffee
- Vitamin waters, peanut butter

- King or queen size bed - Down pillows

- TV tuned to Fox News - TV with movies on demand
- No sharing bathrooms - No tomato-based anything

Sources: Smoking Gun, CBS, AP

But don't present John Kerry with tomato-based anything, foodstuffs containing celery, heavy sauces or Evian bottled water (he prefers Poland Spring).

"I know this may seem trivial, but these things make (Kerry) very happy," chief scheduler Alyssa Mastromonaco wrote.

The Smoking Gun has obtained and published some 200 concert riders — the lists of backstage dressing-room must-haves by stars from Jimmy Buffett to Britney Spears. Last week, the site published Cheney's rider, with needs including: all television sets tuned to Fox News, all lights on, and the thermostat set to 68 degrees.

Cheney, 65 with a history of heart disease, plays it safe on beverages and asks for decaf coffee — brewed before his arrival — plus lots of bottled water and four cans of Diet Sprite.

Despite the detailed lists of beverage preferences by the Capital Hill bigs unveiled this week, neither Cheney nor Kerry's demands match up to the demands of divas like Jennifer Lopez, who requires a completely white-draped room and yellow roses with red tips.

However, J.Lo and the senator from Massachusetts do share something: Neither can stomach tomatoes.

03-27-06 16:14 EST
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 1:50:08 PM EST
That little bitch musta drove the dudes he was in NAM with BATSHT !
Link Posted: 3/27/2006 5:41:41 PM EST
Kerry only drinks pure distilled grain alcohol and unflouridated water. He doesn't want to risk contamination of his bodily fluids.

Purity of esscence.
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