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Posted: 8/24/2004 1:39:46 AM EDT
So this az$ clown, spends his time applying at least four times to get the three lavinder hearts, puts in to go home. Goes home after FOUR months in that unit (inprocessing, training, meetings, hospital time, filing medals, filing for and getting outprocessing) only to take the medals HE applied for and throw them over the fence at the Whitehouse?!? Testify about war crimes committed in that same four months and talk about how much of a hero he was for the next thirty years?!? He goes back and forth on every issue since comming to office, attacks his opponents history yet refuses to release his.

Do I have any of those FACTS wrong?

Do you really believe that Kerry can talk a terrorist into peace? Does the man even have the ability to say YES or NO and stick with it?

I know a bunch of Socialists (democrats) read here, can you guys answer me that? Without attacking, waffling, or making excusses, CAN KERRY TALK A TERRORIST OUT OF ATTACKING WITHOUT USING FORCE?
Link Posted: 8/24/2004 1:58:24 AM EDT
Watch it! We have at least one member who claims to be a Bush supporter who will scream at you for bashing Kerry the vet. He ignores all the bashing of vets and those still in 'nam after Skervy got home.
Link Posted: 8/24/2004 2:02:43 AM EDT
Don't sweat it, Hari Kerri doesn't have the heart for combat, he's about ready to self destruct and throw in the towel right now.
He's snivleing like a baby, how's this puke going to handle real pressure?
Link Posted: 8/24/2004 2:06:58 AM EDT
Thats the beauty of using ONLY facts. I won't even go into the Kerry said, Vets said issue. The facts I talk about are on record.

AND if Kerry says the Swift boys are lying, SUE THEM.
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