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Posted: 9/3/2004 4:06:57 AM EDT
On the radio this morning on the way into work I heard a Kerry-ism from a speech he made in response to Cheney's "unfit to lead" speech at the RNC. He said that "he won't have his medals/military service called into question by someone who refused to serve"

The irony being the other thread which references the NAVY calling into question his medals and service.

Har de fucking har har.

He also mentioned that Bush was unfit to lead because he "misled the country into the war in Iraq"

Well, Mr. Kerry if YOU are such a fantastic leader and GWB is such a rube and a liar and a coward and someone you don't respect.....HOW DID HE FOOL YOU INTO VOTING FOR THE ACTION IN IRAQ?

If such a bumbling idiot can fool YOU Mr. Kerry, what about a "seasoned adversary"? Would one of those fool you too?
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