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Posted: 1/24/2001 4:02:58 PM EDT
Here is the news report URL:

Here is the forum board URL:

Log onto the forum board and give them hell!
(watch the URL wrap)
Link Posted: 1/24/2001 4:08:59 PM EDT
Oh, I gotta see this.
Link Posted: 1/25/2001 8:34:38 AM EDT
The story acts shocked that campus police are getting machine guns, like college campuses are just so peaceful and nothing bad ever happens there. Starting out as a campus police officer can be some very good training for a cop. Every type of crime or problem that a city has, a college campus has too. Many campuses are cities into themselves. I don't know about you, but I've seen plenty of riots on college campuses on CNN over the past 5 years. With more and more foreign students in college in America the threat of terrorism is increasing. College campuses are far from some peace loving tranquil place where no crime ever happens. Countless rapes happen at every campus in America everyday. Drugs run rampant on most campuses. Theft and vandalism also happen quite a bit in these so-called peaceful fun loving places.
Link Posted: 1/25/2001 10:58:34 AM EDT
Well! if you give them m-16's with more ammo capacity then you won't have to call the national guard to shoot the students when they riot!
[xx(]                   [sniper]
Link Posted: 1/25/2001 1:18:40 PM EDT
Notice all around you that all kinds of Security is being 'beefed up'. Last year local park rangers had red lights and a flashlight this year they have red/blue lights and Berettas. There is a small army being formed out of a multitude of localized platoons.
Link Posted: 1/25/2001 1:25:53 PM EDT
They'd be easy to convert to semi-auto.  Just put in the sear blocks that Colt Sporters have, along with milling down the bolt carriers and replacing the trigger groups to semi-autos.  Of course, the cost of doing that would mean they'd save just as much buying them from Bushmaster in semi-auto brand new.
Link Posted: 1/25/2001 1:42:49 PM EDT
SF46, here's an idea you moron.  Why not allow students of leagal age to carry concealed on campus.  My local university doesn't allow sharp stick or pictures of guns, but I carry concealed all the time.  I've almost been robbed twice walking to my vehicle.  Thank God for weapons.
Link Posted: 1/25/2001 2:49:58 PM EDT
[i]"SF46, here's an idea you moron."[/i]
Oh, that's a real mature response.  I agree that those who can legally carry should also be able to do so on campus, but let's not resort to name calling.  
Link Posted: 1/25/2001 3:00:09 PM EDT
At my old university, the campus cops just carry revolvers/pistols.  I guess those guys need those machine guns to hold off those sex-crazed coeds(.....Just kidding).  I guess it is just one of the benies for working as a campus policeman.
Link Posted: 1/26/2001 4:07:57 PM EDT
I wonder how much they pay for them?  maybe like us the want to play with stoner toys too.  [;)]
Link Posted: 1/26/2001 5:07:17 PM EDT
IMO danm few cops need select fire weapons. Danm few!
Link Posted: 1/26/2001 7:05:44 PM EDT
I guess they just raise us to be a bunch of bad ass mo fo's here in the buckeye state.
Link Posted: 1/26/2001 9:29:49 PM EDT
[i]"SF46, here's an idea you moron."[/i]
Oh, that's a real mature response.  I agree that those who can legally carry should also be able to do so on campus, but let's not resort to name calling.  
View Quote

I'm sorry if I offended you.  I guess when I read the book on how to win friends and influence people, it didn't stick.  This is why I live in a cave in the mountians of New Mexico with only a phone line.
Link Posted: 1/26/2001 10:37:39 PM EDT
Here's a shocker, Lo-Fat!  Those "kids" back in the 60's who were shot and killed by the National Guard at Kent State deserved it!  Anytime you stand taunting an armed military unit only inches away from the barrels of their locked and loaded guns, you REALLY are asking for it!

If you've almost been robbed twice on campus, Lo-Fat, then you just proved my point that college campuses aren't as safe as a lot of people want to think!
Link Posted: 1/26/2001 10:58:27 PM EDT
Couldn't agree with you more.  But the real problem is why there is a need to have an armed military unit on a college campus in the first place.  I could have sworn that putting flowers in the barel of an M16 was a courageous thing to do.  "Peace not war man."

I think we agree on the same thing, but I got ticked because I got the feeling that you think the police should be the ones to protect us.  I don't agree with that at all.  I do however need to work on my people skills.  
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