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Posted: 9/21/2001 5:21:33 AM EDT
> First Annual Kabul Air Show Scheduled > (AP) Kabul, Afghanistan > 17:52GMT - Sept. 19, 2001 > > Citizens of Afghanistan are reportedly looking forward with great > anticipation to reports of an international air show to be held in the > skies over their nation. > > An unnamed official informed us that "Now the rest of the world will > look upon our beloved city with great honor just as they do Farnborough, > England and Paris, France", referring to the sites of two other famous > international air shows. > > The exact date and time of the upcoming Kabul International Air Show has > not yet been announced. It is believed that event organizers feel that > such an announcement would detract from the fun of the celebration by, > "spoiling the surprise". > > > Unlike most air shows the Kabul Air Show will feature almost no static > ground displays but will have an unusually high number of aerial > demonstrations and fly-bys. "We are most pleased by this feature of our > air show. Instead of a lot of different kinds of airplanes just sitting > around on the tarmac, the aircraft attending our show will actually be > up in the air demonstrating what they do best!" we were told. > > > Participation will probably be heaviest by aircraft of the United States > Air Force and Marine Corps. Including appearances by F-15's, F-16's, A- > 10's, B-52's and Apache helicopters. It is rumored that opening > ceremonies will feature a tomahawk-cruise fireworks display. A few B- > 2's, and F-117A's may also help out in some unseen capacity. > > Several other counties have expressed an interest in sending > representatives. These include all nineteen nations in the NATO alliance > as well as Australia. The excitement generated for this gala event has > even prompted the Israeli Air Force to apply for participation. > > Of course, no one is more excited than the Afghan people themselves. > Great\ numbers of them are in the streets of Kabul looking constantly > heavenward in gratitude for the historic event, which will soon take > place in their skies. It has been observed that some are so concerned > about missing the show that even as they bow to the East they keep > snatching worried glances towards the West. Thousands, in fact, have > been seen leaving the city and fleeing to the mountains carrying food > and blankets - obviously anxious to get a good vantage point for the air > show, and to make a picnic of it.
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 5:39:09 AM EDT
Very enjoyable read, hope someone on board one of the planes takes pictures. [smoke]
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 5:41:18 AM EDT
Originally Posted By BeauBeaux: Very enjoyable read, hope someone on board one of the planes takes pictures.
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I think most of the planes that will be featured have automatic onboard video.
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 5:48:18 AM EDT
Now that's really funny! LOL!
Link Posted: 9/21/2001 5:51:05 AM EDT
I LOVE IT!!! all we need are full color posters advertising it! [-=(_)=-]
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