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Posted: 9/7/2004 7:36:08 PM EST
If you could get only one, which, and why?

Feed back from those w/ & w/out experience is appreciated.

Link Posted: 9/7/2004 7:37:06 PM EST
Let me be the first putz to say the classic...
Get em both!!!
Link Posted: 9/7/2004 7:38:47 PM EST
Mk11. You'll get a lot more use out of it.
Link Posted: 9/7/2004 7:39:44 PM EST
If you can afford a KAC MK11Mod0 and can find one available, you have to buy it. It would be the "Gem" in anybodys collection.
Link Posted: 9/7/2004 7:58:39 PM EST
The Robar has proven to be useful in USCG service...
Link Posted: 9/7/2004 9:50:32 PM EST
Link Posted: 9/7/2004 10:04:10 PM EST
Not always easy to find a place to shoot the .50
Link Posted: 9/7/2004 10:09:07 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/7/2004 10:10:19 PM EST by Voldermortist]
get a KAC but have george gardner build you one. he told me he's good with ar rifles. You'll get a lot more accuracy from him than you will from KAC. not to mention KAC is extremely rude when dealing with individual people. They're very pompous and are not shy of hanging up in your face. Get a hold of some sr-25 receivers and have george build you one or i'm sure he would be able to get them better than you would since he's a dealer.

george gardner is GA precision btw.
Link Posted: 9/7/2004 10:56:26 PM EST
[Last Edit: 9/7/2004 10:56:55 PM EST by SAICO]
Get the Mod 0. Accurate, fun to shoot and the cool factor is..............priceless. I added a SPR grip, tac-latch and GG&G tactical bipod.

~0.75 MOA with handloads.................. better if I could hold it steady. Very spendy, but no regrets.

Btw, I'd like to see just a plain SR25 receiver; never seen such an animal. In fact, good luck with just just finding a SR25 FF RAS. You'll have better luck squeezing blood from a turnip or finding chicken teeth.

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