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Posted: 1/16/2006 1:18:16 PM EST

Sounds like someone did the right thing and acted where action demanded it. The point I am getting at is flying off the handle not knowing the facts and making your mind up based off of "the poor girls appearance" even though she was fighting the officer. If the officer tried to lock her up for "attitude" alone then he has a problem. I don't know who you book someone for attitude so I am 99.9% sure she did not get locked up for attitude. So since the officer more than likely had PC for the arrest his actions are correct and hers are wrong.

P.S. I know all about being abused during training. I was OPFOR at JRTC in the Ft. Chaffee days

Sorry, but Sylvan pissed me off with his holier than though crap. I was just pointing out how officers can make the same mistakes he is accusing these LEO's of in a not nice way. I saw a bunch of stuff in my day and some still has me pissed off. He was in HS in 86 which tells me he is a clinton era guy. I got out because of that pansy draft dodging fag loving bastard. Personally, I was a Psyop NCO at Bragg. Had a lot of fun and a lot of extra training (NBC NCO, Sere, jump school, Psywar school and a bunch of stuff overseas which can not be discussed) When I see LEO go overboard, I get pissed. Just like the aforementioned situation pissed me off. But, in this case, the LEO was right. Minimal force used and then only as required. Another liberal cop bashing going on here....
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