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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/4/2003 6:21:23 PM EST
are the HK 94 avaiable to LEO for duty on letterhead similar to the ar 15in preband config. Does the USA 10 parts rule apply. If they are available for purchase on letterhead who carries them. just wondering,its probably a mute point
Link Posted: 5/16/2003 4:53:09 PM EST
if I remember right the hk94 is the 5.56x45mm one right? If so the magazines are ungodly expensive...so go with the AR...you can get brand new 30rnd mags(GI issue) for like $10 from New Helvetia Trade Group. Save your money for ammo and range time!!
Link Posted: 5/16/2003 5:35:11 PM EST
Go to the info boards on HKPro.com for some more acurrate info. ---thecenturion---the hk94 was hk's 16" semi auto 9mm. Looks exactly like a MP5...just with reaaaally long barrel.
Link Posted: 5/16/2003 8:26:21 PM EST
I don't think so. Most of HKs long gun sales for LE are targeted at Department sales and not individual officers. The Import Ban of 89 killed imports of these, and while the AW Ban of 94 also kicks in, there was no loophole for LE sales in the 89 Ban that I am aware of. HK tired to make compliant weapons for import, but those weapons were all downchecked by ATF. The 94 Ban still allowed production and sale of these weapons to LEOs for duty use, with agency permission, but didn't open any provisions for the import of post ban AWs for LEO use. HK does sell semi only Mp5s, but they are still considered to be (and registered as) MGs because of ATF rulings on the pushpin trigger groups, and are only offered for sale to Departments. Don't worry, though. .223 is a FAR better choice for urban, suburban and most rural patrol use than any 9mm carbine. Get yourself a nice .223 caliber carbine and don't look back.
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