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9/19/2017 7:27:10 PM
Posted: 12/26/2005 11:41:36 PM EDT
Say skip, What do you think about all this robot stuff?
Well goodlord!, Are we under attack?

No,...That robot monkey on the news.
You kidding....That guys a robot monkey?

Uhhh...No,...But would you ever put your brain in a robot body?
Why,...I like my body, Mmm I love my body
Well, You'd never get old or sick
Why is the alarm going off?

Beats me,.....But you know skip?, Your robot body would be the perfect man..Handsome, StrongWhoa!...Could my robot body,... be a uh beautiful woman?
Uhhhh...Yea sure
Then you better believe Id put my brain in a robots body

Robot body!!...No way!...That goes against the natural order.
Well,...You'd have the strength of 5 men
I got that now!
Not 5 men,...5 Gorillas, But since your that strong.....If if you try to pet a kitten...You'd crush it.Oh No...Poor kitty

But,.. will I still have my rugged latin features?
You'd look exactly the same
Not Me!,..Im going to be an Adrian-Barbobot!

Sir...Please,..You look the same, but your only 5 feet tall.
5 Feet?...Why so short?
Because thats as big as they come

A Adrian-Barbobot would weld a leak with her laser-beam eyes
You wont have laser-beam eyes, OK?
What about,..hmmm....Xray vision?
Yea you'll have that!
I cant have laser-beam EYES,..But HE gets Xray vision?
OK!!,..Everyone gets Xray vision
And BIG Chainsaw hands!! BZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzz!

Can I control my Xray Vision?
So you can look through peoples cloths?
Yea,...But I dont want to see a bunch of bones and guts just *%#$ and $@#*&*
Yeah,..Why else would you have it?

Great Im going to have robots eye balling my *%&&#^?
NO,...You'll have a cloaking device.
But you'll have to choose,...Xray vision..or...that cloak thing.
Who needs Xray vision,They'll beg to show their #@*& to my robot!...Hmm,.Ohh wait.
Strength of 5 gorillas and Xray vision,...But why so short?

THATS as big as they come!!!
I heard you!!...But I can chew nails and spit them out as bullets right?
Nails, Chains... You wont have titanium teeth for nothing.
Nails are like candy to robots, And we'll eat tires instead of licorice
God!.....No we wont!
Maybe you wont!

So lets say I put my brain in a robot body and theres a war...What side am I on?
Duh..Humans!...You have a human brain!
Buuut...The humans discrimainate against you,..You cant even vote.
We better not have to live on a reservation!,..That would really chap my caboose

Yea , but nobody knows your a robot, you look the same.
Echem!!...Dogs know! Thats how the humans hurt you.
There gunna hunt me for sport??

Thats why we have to CRUSH MANKIND!!..So you might as well get on board for the big win man.

Hey!!...I have a few conditions on this robot thing. Ill only put my brain in a robot body if I can put it in a robot cat!
But remember, youll have the strength of 5 gorillas.
Why settle for a cat, when you can be a robot....a...a...tiger!

No..No no no no..Absomenta NO!..If I have to be 5 foot nothing...you cant be a tiger!
Your not the boss of TigerBot!!
Then he has to live in a Robot Zoo! You hear that...THE ZOO!! HAAA
Then I'll just stay human

Dont expect any mercy then during the great robot wars.
Yea?,...Well have fun on the Robot Reservation..Suckers! We're not going to honor those bogus treaties...I will see you in Hell!!
He's Right,.......THEY WILL SCREW US!!

Listen!!....Its time to get serious!
Yea thats enough of this talk.........Lets kill a human!
You cant break prime directive 2!,.. The penalty for a robot harming a human will be 1000 years frozen in Carbonite!!
A thousand years frozen in Carbonite?, It'll be soo cold!
My nipples are hard just thinking about it
Man, Id kill myself

Hellloooo!!,...Prime directive 3!
Damn Prime Directives!...I just dont know if I wanna live 1000 years even as an Adrian-Barbobot with hard nipples
Plus self termination!...Hey I gotta tell you its a sin in the eyes of the robot church

We dont need ROME telling us what to do!
And then its right back to the Carbonite

Ahhh,...There go my nipples again.

The End

Link Posted: 12/26/2005 11:46:34 PM EDT
Link Posted: 12/26/2005 11:48:24 PM EDT
I dont get it.

Link Posted: 12/26/2005 11:48:56 PM EDT

Originally Posted By ARDunstan:
I dont get it.

I was JUST going to say that!
Link Posted: 12/26/2005 11:52:09 PM EDT
Someone's been watching too much late night cartoon network. My boys watch Adult Swim too but they're 14 and 15
Link Posted: 12/26/2005 11:56:17 PM EDT
Link Posted: 12/27/2005 12:25:01 PM EDT

Maybe the earlier crew has a better sence of humor
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