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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/25/2001 12:11:08 PM EST
I just got back from shooting a couple of my guns. I shot my 10/22 from the bench to check the sights; it was off from my rockchuck hunt last week, and I wanted to make sure it is on for this weekend. The remainder of my shooting was from the sitting position, except the Makarov, which was standing. My 03A3 was next, WOW! I love that rifle. I hit paper plates at 200yds consistently. I do have to say after about 20 shots practicing my stripper clip loading, my shoulder was a little sore. My next gun was my Russian Makarov. Oh, how I forgot how well this shoots. I use it currently for my "bedside protection". At 15yds, I could keep almost all my shots in the 3" Shoot-n-see dot. The trigger on that pistol is sooooooooo smooth! At 25yds, my Prairie Dog spinner took a real work out. Of course I couldn't go shooting without my AR-15. I put it through the same 50, 75,100, and 200yd paper plate routine. My groups surprised me at the closer ranges(1"-75, 1 1/2"-100), but I had trouble with the 200yd plate. I think I may have been shooting high, I'm not sure. I did break 5 clays in rapid fire at 65yds with out any problem! All in all, I had a great time. I know this was long, but I had to tell someone, and my wife just roles her eyes. guns762
Link Posted: 7/25/2001 5:49:36 PM EST
Yeah Man I know the feeling ... I took a buddy over to my range today . We hadn't gotten together for about a year so it was good just to hang out . But the shooting was good too . I found an ammo that my Colt "Defender".45 will digest with no hiccups at all . It ate the whole box and was still hungry . It was cool because my buddy has a Smith .45 so we shot them for a while . Turns out my Colt is pretty accurate . At 50 yds I was hitting 2 liter pop bottles about 50% of the time . I liked it . Sweet . Then I fired my .22 pistol for a while . nothing special but still fun . Then for the finale we broke out our PC assault rifles . He has an SAR-1 and I have a postban Bushy " Dissipator " We shot these for a while then we swapped for a while and shot some more . Great time at the range .
Link Posted: 7/25/2001 5:56:40 PM EST
I cant wait until this weekend! Going to Ohio to shoot with a bunch of Kazikstan businessmen my father has been working with. should be interesting talk. Im sure they all have plenty of weapons in Kazikstan available to the public, NOT!! [beer]
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