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Posted: 5/20/2001 4:23:29 PM EDT
The Hills were alive with the sound of Belt Feds! (one .50 - two .30 s ) [:)] About 20 of AK-47.net 's Survivors rallied once more , to preserve Truth , Justice , and the American way ! ( And fire off a Buttload of Ammo ) As before , a diverse collection of weaponry was in evidence; HK - FAL -AR - AK - Valmet - SKS - BMG - 1919A4 - well, you get the idea. Various PC's , Monitors, Sat dish , and sundry other mechanical items were sent to "Techno Heaven ". But the high point of the day was ( of course ) the "KILL THE CAR " free fire zone exercise. The exercise started off problematically , as difficulties arose as to how to keep the vehicle running without human guidance ( YES I SAID RUNNING ) [:D] A suggestion was made that Root remain in the vehicle - but we passed - because no one had the foresight to bring a Level 10 vest. [:p] We did finally manage to get it in motion ( for a short time ) WARNING - WARNING - WARNING - Do Not buckle your seatbelt while being fired upon by .50 API ! HeHe Anybody need 1.5 tons of twisted metal ? The ensuing conflagration was a tribute to the American Automobile Industry ( Can you say Crash and Burn ) All variations of the Bump were explored. ( note : after a few more of these sessions Root will have a viable lead mine! ) A ROCKIN GOOD TIME was had by all !! THANKS AGAIN ROOT !! BTW -- WE will have PICS forthcoming - and VIDEO ( x cross fingers x )
Link Posted: 5/21/2001 6:02:44 AM EDT
SOB [>(] SOB [>(] I really wanted to make it AKsRule. I really wanted to see some of you. Your good folks. I was sick all weekend SOB [>(] SOB [>(] Please let me know when and where the next one will be as well as where the pics are. SOB [>(] SOB [>(]
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