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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 5/4/2001 3:24:25 AM EST
For Steyrgirl and all you other Gung Ho virtual reality warriors. You know that its awful easy to sit back in your chair, feeding your face, sucking down a soda, in your nice dry, warm home, in front of your computer, and typing this shit up how you would be right up front with the men fighting in combat for this country. As for this Red Dawn movie shit example you gave us, were talking reality here, not this hollywood screenwriters bullshit. When the war happens here, and it will happen, your not going to be sitting in front of the T.V. watching friends, and having a pizza party anymore. And it is not going to matter if you are a man, woman, child, fat, skinny, black, white, yellow, handicapped, homosexual, liberal or conservative. War and combat has no prejudices or respect to the miracle of life. Especially when its in your own country. And believe me, the war that happens on U.S. soil will be a war like no other veteran or soldier has ever experienced. We are not going to be fighting 2 or 3 countries. It will be a few developed, advanced nations allianced with a few combat experienced nations and supported by a number of other nations. It is not going to be your typical picnic. We all know that it is not going to be a 100% conventional war either. It is going to be the most macabre war ever imagined. Those that survive the nukes will then find out really fast who talks shit and who doesn't. Everyone in this country will then wish that they had a gun in their hands. But at least we will all be in the same boat together. And no one will have any damn excuses. And as for being in combat in another country. Believe me, you can not in your wildest imagination even begin to imagine the experience and feeling of being in someone elses country killing people you do not know or seeing your own comrades dropping all around you. When you have an empty weapon in your hand or no weapon at all and have to kill someone with your bare hands you are then going to wish you are a man. You do not want to be hit by a man who has his adrenalin flowing 150% and trying to keep his self from being killed. I have seen the most physically fit, strongest, and highly trained in self defense woman cops get brutally put down in a matter of seconds on duty by a male criminal. These women suffered very serious near death injuries. And every one of them had enough brains in their heads and valued their lives enough to quit the force. It is something I have personally witnessed and will never forget as long as I live. Combat is no place for women and homosexuals. I believe everyone else has pretty well covered the other reasons why this is not a compatible mix. As far as I am concerned, no one has any right to talk shit about something they have never personally experienced. If someone is discussing a topic that I know nothing about or have never experienced, I keep my mouth shut. Especially the topic of being in combat. Show some respect for our veterans and soldiers. You have to earn that right and at the same time it is something you wish that you never had to experience because you will never be the same.
Link Posted: 5/4/2001 3:37:38 AM EST
Whoa! I see how you came by your moniker Grim Reaper. Thanks for sharing. Eric The Hun
Link Posted: 5/4/2001 3:51:59 AM EST
re: "reality" What REALLY chaps my hide are these "Xena: Warrior Princess" shows that show a slim, sexy, 36" 24" 36" 115lb women kicking the butt of a 6'4" 280 lb. body builder hyped on meth. - taking his arm, and flipping him over Judo style to the floor. or a karate kick to the stomach laying the dude out flat. PLEASE. You can usually even SEE IT from teh camera shot, that the male actor has jumped in a summer sault to get the shot to come off. Come on, people - that's not even believable in an Amazon Woman fiction story. I can't help but wonder if these wommenz libbers don't get all juiced by that crap, and say "Yeah, I could do that!!!" Get real.
Link Posted: 5/4/2001 5:18:43 PM EST
I get tired of all of these so called gun experts that work on movies making mistakes. I could have done better when I was 9.
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