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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 10/13/2002 6:34:29 PM EDT
Just Askin' VI © Norman Liebmann Thursday, Oct. 10, 2002 Just askin': How could so many religious folks be so right about sin - and so wrong about Bill Clinton? Just askin': How much longer will the liberal media characterize "gangsta rappers" as folk heroes? Just askin': When drivers stop and ask for directions to Arkansas, why do people shrug and respond, "What big city is it near"? Just askin': Isn't it time that someone in journalism (besides Bill O'Reilly) finds the courage to put the focus on Jesse Jackson, opportunist, exacter of tribute from cowardly industrialists, and sire of a bastard? And why is it no surprise to anyone that Jesse Jackson never plays "the integrity card"? Just askin': Isn't it time scabs and strikebreakers got together and formed their own union? Just askin': Why is it people in the inner cities keep killing each other, yet, there never seems to be any less of them? Just askin': How come so many feminists are so politically active and so sexually inert? Just askin': Why do we keep trying to promote capitalism all over the world while allowing the Democrats to destroy it at home? Just askin': What is it about the saliva of foreign despots that Democrat Congressmen find so refreshing when it lands on their faces? Just askin': As he was a former aide to Bill Clinton, shouldn't Erskine Bowles change his name to either Foreskin Bowles or Erskine Bowels? Just askin': Isn't there more anti-Semitism at Harvard University in 2002 than there was at Heidelberg University in 1933? Just askin': Is it true Robert Reich's wedding night started with him asking the bellhop to "Give me a boost?" Just askin': Is the minorities' best chance of not being treated like second class citizens to quit acting as if they are? Just askin': When will Democrat members of Congress give up their relentless infatuation with treason? Just askin': Why is it the stuff supposedly going on behind the scenes in Washington is always so patently obvious to everybody in front of the scenes? Just askin': (not so blind item) What brother of what corrupt ex-President should have a town named in his honor called Drunken Bum, Arkansas? Just askin': Why are so many people surprised when doctors figure out ways to get richer? Just askin': Isn't it time some of the people who object so strenuously to the "N word" stop referring to Jews by the "K" word? Just askin': Shouldn't the epidemic of sleaze in the Democrat party oblige it to be quarantined and the source of the infection identified as Bubba's Bacteria? Just askin': How come we celebrate Labor Day so elaborately in a country where doing an honest day's work has fallen into such discredit? Just askin': Whatever became of General Shinseki who tried to upgrade the strength of America's military by rotating the color of their berets? Just askin': Considering Alan Colmes' radical political views, wouldn't it be more ingenuous for the Fox News Channel to call their show Hannity and Hillary? Just askin': Why is Tom Daschle more afraid of Bush winning a war than he is of America losing one? Just askin': Where do the people at the State Department get the idea that there is wisdom in cowardice? Just askin': When exactly did the mainstream media become the nation's Ministry of Politically Correct Propaganda? Just askin': Isn't the Senate making its biggest contribution to solving the energy crisis by functioning as a wind farm? Just askin': Isn't it time for a bumper sticker that reads, "Help Stamp Out Diversity?" Just askin': How come Kofi Annan doesn't come to work wearing a turban? Just askin': If, as Tony Morrison claims, Bill Clinton is the first black President, isn't he also the first black Pinocchio?" Just askin': Why not just move the homeless to that island in San Francisco Bay and change its name to Alcatrash? Just askin': Inasmuch as the Democratic base keeps griping that they have no future, who better to show them the way there than Daschle and Gephardt? Just askin': How can politicians who do nothing take "working vacations"? Just askin': Will the American people ever get tired of coddling minorities, or are they just waiting for the liberals to run out of coddle? Just askin': Shouldn't the amalgamation process among the European Nations appropriately be called Euro-nating? Just askin': Why can't the Democrats in the Senate think of some kind of military response to Iraq other than cringing? Just askin': Shouldn't the Clintons be the first people to have both their pictures in Webster's Dictionary next to definition for the word corruption? Just askin': How about an album called Barbra Streisand sings Benedict Arnold? Just askin': When did its leaders decide Civil Rights is presently too slow to be called "a movement" and should be changed to "a galloping diarrhea"? Just askin': How come the INS builds fences that are low enough for illegal aliens to sneak into the United States, but too high for them to sneak back into Mexico? and ... Just askin': Where is John Wayne now that America really needs him?
Link Posted: 10/13/2002 9:21:48 PM EDT
Just askin': How could so many religious folks be so right about sin - and so wrong about Bill Clinton?
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Link Posted: 10/13/2002 10:07:05 PM EDT
Well I think John Wayne is in the same place as his brother John the Baptist! As Jesus said of all the men born of women none is greater than John the Baptiser! And in mans eye(not gods) no men are greater than John Wayne,Lee marvin,Steve McQueen,Charles Bronson,James Coburn,Clint Eastwood,Marlon Brando,James Dean,Robert Mitchem,Gary Cooper,Audie Murphy,Jimmie Stewart,James Cagney,shit it goes on and on real mens men! What about Clark Gable as well! Just too many to name,movie stars! But one more movie star that crossed over would be Ronald Reagan, He never served in a war but made millions of dollars in War bonds for the fight! John Wayne is here in our hearts and is much of what still shapes how us baby-boomers think! You going to belive what I tell you ,or what you saw? Bob [:D]
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