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9/22/2017 12:11:25 AM
Posted: 6/18/2003 3:18:12 PM EDT
I just got a new job offer. It would be with a used car lot, looks to be a nice upstanding place. Incidentally, I was there with a friend to pick up his new used Mustang. Anyway, the dilemma is that I just started a new job as an inside saleman with a construction equipment rental place. The hours suck, the menial tasks specific to this job suck, and the pay sucks. The only thing is that I was specifically asked in the interview if I was going to stay with the company. I feel like a disloyal little bitch. I really don't like my current job, I'm way overqualified for the position I'm in(for Christ's sakes, I've almost got a Master's degree), and I hate the commute that would be eliminated. So, the question is should I do it? Are there any used car salespeople here and do you like it? What would you do?
Link Posted: 6/18/2003 3:22:28 PM EDT
Ask yourself this. If you current company found someone to do your job for less, would they keep you?
Link Posted: 6/18/2003 3:24:25 PM EDT
Link Posted: 6/18/2003 3:24:45 PM EDT
Yeah, but just because I'm that damn good. Oh, wait I've got a call. It's reality.
Link Posted: 6/18/2003 3:28:34 PM EDT
You owe no loyalty to your current employer other than to give notice. Never pass on an opportunity for a better life. Good luck ...
Link Posted: 6/18/2003 3:46:55 PM EDT
From what I understand, the job you now have SUCKS. Loyalty is a two way street. If they don't treat you well now, then why stay? Honestly, go with what you feel. It's your life at question here.
Link Posted: 6/18/2003 4:11:21 PM EDT
Find something you LIKE to do The money will come later
Link Posted: 6/18/2003 4:14:18 PM EDT
Going to a Used Car Lot is an improvement? Go for it. They can't really be expecting you to stay when they know your qualifications. Just don't use them for references.
Link Posted: 6/18/2003 5:20:06 PM EDT
[Last Edit: 6/18/2003 5:42:44 PM EDT by menof2amendment]
T-RAY, your situation sounds like you dont know what or, where the high paying jobs are in your area. A university masters degree certainly should not qualify you to be out of a good paying position ... where are these in your area?. Here are some suggestions....U S Postal Service...after a year with them many positions become available to you. GO to your post office and put in an application. Ask the Postmaster for available positions...I dont know your location, but consider the US Labor Dept. exams office in Alanta , Ga. Take their exam, but you go to Atlanta for that. The local labor office here is chaired by a fellow with a degree in marketing ... He said his degree is not related to his position, but a degree was required. Aim high, climb your mountain! Do not give up hope!
Link Posted: 6/18/2003 5:45:10 PM EDT
Link Posted: 6/18/2003 6:10:07 PM EDT
Shop around for jobs. The market is picking up. What are your degrees in?
Link Posted: 6/18/2003 7:34:16 PM EDT
I live in San Marcos right now. I have been looking for a job period since February. I have a BS in Agricultural Development from A&M and I am currently a few hours short of a MBA from Southwest Texas. I guess it's like when you have a girlfriend and girls throw panties and phone numbers at you, but when your single the same girls won't even look at you. Currently, I have made up my mind to call this guy back and try to set up a Friday morning interview(before I go to work at my other job). Oh by the way, you guys are great.
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