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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 7/31/2002 1:02:31 PM EST
[Last Edit: 7/31/2002 1:17:24 PM EST by ProfessorEvil]
Folks, for those of you who were Dead Heads in particular, the following will definantely come as a shock to us all. Much like Elvis before him, Jerry isn't dead!!!! Instead, he sold out! As awful and terrible as this may seem at first gasp, it's true. Jerry, sick of playing music for a bunch of aging, drugged out hippies, decides to follow his one true passion. As a youth he had a secret passion, even greater than music. However, his friends and family instead urged him to take up a career in music instead, seeing as being a musician had at least some self respect, where as his preferred profession, that of lawyer, was one that most compared with small dislikable animals and vicious sea going creatures. Jerry suffered through his career as a musician, putting up with the potheads, the losers, his bandmates and the media. Finally, when he couldn't take it any more, he decided to get out. Unfortunantely, it took more than just retiring to truly get away, so Jerry faked his own death in order to be able to disappear and recreate his life how he wanted. His fans, the rabid potheads they are, would have a difficult time deciding what to do when the music stopped, which worked in his favor. Were it not for a chance meeting I have had with Mr. Garcia recently, I too would have gone on believing in his untimely demise! But no...it's true. He's gone and remade his life, now more simple and regular, as that of a texas lawyer. I know this is hard to believe and difficult for many. However, I was able to snap a photo of him and have now included it here so you too, can compare and see for yourselves, that Jerry Garcia is alive and well, working as a lawyer. [img]http://www.aforkinthetoad.com/images/ethvsjg.jpg[/img] He's cut the beard and the hair, but it's totally Jerry! I'm only posting this here because I know i can trust you guys to keep it to yourselves, and not spill the beans. I do wonder, though, if he serenades his clients with that "money" song ever, when handing them the bill.....
Link Posted: 7/31/2002 1:26:47 PM EST
Link Posted: 7/31/2002 1:39:16 PM EST
Brent Myland, maybe. Jerry? nope.
Link Posted: 7/31/2002 1:39:32 PM EST
Check his right hand for a missing digit!
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