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1/25/2018 7:38:29 AM
Posted: 8/6/2001 4:48:14 AM EST
By John Birch, President, Concealed Carry, Inc., PO BOX 4597, Oak Brook, IL 60523-2708 Tel: 630 986-8550 PLEASE PASS THIS ON TO YOUR FELLOW GUN RIGHTS SUPPORTERS! John Horstman did not set out to be a hero on Tuesday July 25th when he went bike riding in unincorporated DuPage County. Details are sketchy and indefinite at this point, but evidently someone called the DuPage Sheriff to report a man exposing themselves on the trail. Along comes Mr. Horstman on his bike and the DuPage Sheriff stops him because "He could be the person they are looking for." Ordering him off his bike the deputies quickly discovered loaded magazines on his belt and then the search got down in the dirt UGLY. Mr. Horstman's unloaded Taurus was found in a "day planner" style carry case. He was transported to DuPage County Jail and charged with Aggravated Unlawful Use of Weapon, 720 ILCS 5/24-1.6(a)(2)(B). After a night in jail and breakfast of cold French toast, Mr. Horstman was transported to his bond hearing...more on that in a minute.... At this point I must digress. On July 4th you might recall we had Gun Day at Taste of Chicago. While entering the park with Chris Morley we saw a man with an NRA cap and fanny pack walking with his son. Chris said "Hey John! He's got to be one of us!" Turned out to be John Horstman! Small world eh? We spoke quite a while and Mr. Horstman's son is quite the polite young man. Unlike yours truly, Mr. Horstman was packing the real deal at the Taste. Mr. Horstman is a patriot and is a Computer Systems Engineer for a top laboratory. I mention that so you all know Mr. Horstman is upstanding American who deserves our support. Totally clean arrest record. THE BOND HEARING: I think we all know it is unlikely in the extreme that someone would carry a gun and back pack and then go out exposing himself with all that gear on. I regret this unseemliness but it is part and parcel of Mr. Horstman's arrest. You see at the bond hearing they DEMONIZED Mr. Horstman over this false allegation (he is not charged with anything except Unlawful Use of Weapons) to get his bond set at $250,000. You read right...for fanny pack carry the bond is ONE QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS! Mr. Horstman had to post $25,000 in cash and turn his guns over to the DuPage Sheriff to make bail. Is this America? I'd like retired cop Leroy Pyle to weigh in on this as if I do I'll write things about the police I will later regret. Think how you would feel as a parent if stopped by a cop and told "Hey you look a flasher, put your hands on the hood and I'm going to search you." I am so mad I could spit! http://www.concealcarry.org/ccnews.htm
Link Posted: 8/6/2001 4:52:06 AM EST
Please check out the link for more info. I am going to send this guy money, cause this could be me in court, for praticing "six seconds to safety". We need to win this court case in Illinois. c-rock
Link Posted: 8/6/2001 9:59:27 AM EST
This man was arrested for having an unloaded pistol encased inside of a backpack. Dupage's finest arrested a man for following the law and then had him held on $250,000 bond! This man has not had more than a speeding ticket in his life and had a valid Firearms Identifcation card. The SA is a Dick, and a moron. There will be a rally at the Dupage county courthouse on Aug 20th at 1:00 pm. I will be there as well as me wife and son. We need all IL gunowners we can get to attend, take the day off without pay if you have too. This could be anyone of us, this is a dangerous tactic when the government targets law-abiding people (crime is down so it's time to make criminals when works slows down, huh?). I hope after John wins, and he will, that he will sue the SH** out of the State's Attorney! This man knows that he is prosecuting him maliciously!
Link Posted: 8/6/2001 10:05:48 AM EST
I thought my situation was bad! This is truly unbelievable.
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